April 21, 2024

TouchWiz isn’t for everyone and, indeed, we’ve complained that sometimes it feels too clunky or overloaded for the end-user. That may change soon, at least part of it, if Samsung allows users to tweak the way TouchWiz looks on their Galaxy smartphones. According to HDblog, the South Korea-based company is working on a new project that might allow users to choose between various pre-loaded TouchWiz themes.

HDBlog published two images that we aren’t able to verify the legitimacy of, and said the photos suggests users will soon be able to choose from what appears to be one of six different themes on their smartphones. In a second shot, we see that the S Finder tool has been moved within the navigation menu. We admit the images below do look suspect, at least considering the borders of the display in the one that allegedly shows off the themes, but the general idea that Samsung may allow you to tweak TouchWiz does seem plausible.




We don’t know if this is coming in the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, which Samsung appears to already be working on, or if it’s even actually coming at all. Still, it would be a welcome change on Samsung smartphones, which don’t allow you to tweak the colors or other aspects of the UI out of the box. Sure, you can install a third-party launcher, but colors inside menus and in other areas can’t be changed right now.

The themes appear to be titled “dolce,” “classico,” “naturale,” “artiguanato,” and “Samsung base,” though those titles are in Italian. Loosely translated, those translate to “sweet,” “classic,” natural,” and “handicraft.”