May 19, 2024

Having witnessed the close to an hour of gameplay of the upcoming Saints Row reboot, I’ve gotta say, this might finally end up taking the crown from Saints Row 2 for me.

Saints Row, is the much-awaited sequel of the long-running Saints Row franchise and will serve as a fresh start for the franchise, which was going a bit too off the crazy charts for some fans. After the hands-off preview, the Saints Row reboot seems to strike a perfect balance between the grounded wackiness of the earlier Saints Row games and the straight-up bonkers gameplay that the newer games offered. Make no mistake, the overall game design still feels over the top, but at the same time feels much more focused. The tonal shift is very much apparent, but the core gameplay still retains enough of the past to make it feel distinctly like a Saints Row game.

Santo Ileso, the setting for the reboot, is much more diverse than the past Saints Row games, and it looks absolutely huge. There’s a wide variety of transportation modes available, and even a Just Cause-inspired wing suit ejection, but what really caught my eye was the improved car handling which feels like it’s straight out of the burnout series. As a result, getting around the map still feels fun without having to resort to the superhuman abilities of Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell.

For people who liked the character customization of the Saints Row games, the reboot offers a ridiculous amount of options and allows you to literally transform and completely recreate your character at any time.

Here’s a bunch of screenshots to get you hyped.