July 21, 2024

Saint Row is no stranger to player customization and has always offered some truly amazing customization options but the upcoming reboot might have set a brand new bar when it comes to being able to create your own avatar. Boss Factory is a free standalone offering that gives players a taste of what the character creator has in store when the full game launches. Your bosses can be imported into the final game when it launches, and once a share code is generated, it is shareable across all platforms.

I had the opportunity to give the Boss Factory a whirl, and oh boy, the customization options on offer here are insane. There’s a huge number of preset choices, sliders to modify every inch of your face and body, hairstyles, colors, and even prosthetics. With a little bit of patience, it’s possible to create highly detailed and unique bosses. There is absolutely no gender gating, which is a great thing and allows players to truly express themselves. This also extends to clothing options, which are just as expansive and diverse. From tank tops to suits, there’s a wide variety of clothing available to dress your boss up.

What’s more, you can also change the color of your skin to some truly outlandish choices, such as chrome and green or red. Combined with the prosthetics and expansive suite of options at their disposal, the community has already come up with some insane custom characters, that you can check out at https://bossfactory.saintsrow.com/en-GB.

Overall, based on the earlier hands-off preview and the boss factory, I am really excited to get my hands on Saints Row when it launches on August 23.