June 15, 2024

More news are coming from Crystal Dynamics as we slowly approach towards the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox one this holiday.This time its more technical.During the presentation in SIGGRAPH 2015 Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics shade lights on the advanced rendering techniques of ROTR on xbox one.

The highlighted part of that was the use of Asynchronous compute which will help to render volumetric lighting on xbox one.Crystal Dynamics also employed resolution-agnostic voxel method which will allow the volumetric light to use the Async to render it.Eidos Montreal also using an in-house Broad Temporal Ambient Obscurance also known as BTAO.Rumor is that this one is quite superior to the widely known HBAO in terms of performance and quality.


Rotr will also feature Sample Distribution Shadow Maps also known as SDSM to render efficient shadow maps.If you are confused with all these technological terms then we are making it simple for you.Basically it adjusts itself to scene and camera position in order to enhance shadow quality in the game.This method was also used earlier by Santa monica/Ready at dwan Studios in their last game The order:1886 on ps4.Rotr will also feature procedural snow deformation to give that environment a proper realistic look as we have seen alot of snow filled areas in recent demos.

Rise of the Tomb raider is by far the most ambitious project of Crystal Dynamics and the technological advancements actually indicates it.As for xbox one during Microsoft’s gamescom presentation Phill Spencer announced that DX12 and Windows 10 will finally be available for all owners this November.Overall its a win situation this year for xbox one owners.Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed Exclusive for xbox one this holiday as Square Enix already confirmed it will release on pc early 2016 and on PS4 a year after xbox one release.For more news keep your eyes on our site.