June 14, 2024

Remember the infamous “pirate eye patch” Remedy introduced at the launch of Alan Wake? if not let me refresh your memory a little bit. If you are playing a pirated copy of Alan Wake your main protagonist will sport a classic pirate eye patch if the system detects it as a pirated copy. Just like the one below :-


Now with Quantum Break available on pc Remedy is not keen to rely only on DRM protection. They are bringing back the “pirate eye patch” again. A Reddit user accidently started his game after logging out of the Windows Store and this thing happened :-


Clearly it seems that a minor negligence can trigger the DRM protection and result in this. Remedy already said there will be some DRM Easter eggs in Quantum Break and its clearly indicating they were not kidding. So choose your main character according to your need, a Simple Jack or maybe a pirate “Jack”. We are not all counting Captain Jack Sparrow in this case.