June 14, 2024
It is being reported that AMD and Intel have signed a deal, that will allow Intel CPU’s to have AMD gpu’s as its iGPU

Intel has recently been in the news, due to the imminent release of its new Kaby Lake line of CPUs. But the more interesting news is that AMD and Intel have reportedly struck a deal to work together. AMD would provide Radeon GPU technology for Intel’s integrated graphics, after years of Intel trying to make it work – and it looks like they just can’t get their GPU game up to scratch, so they’re going to their main rival… AMD.

The source of this news, according to Tweaktown, is HardOCP boss Kyle Bennett. He recently wrote the following on the HardOCP forum : “The licensing deal between AMD and Intel is signed and done for putting AMD GPU tech into Intel’s iGPU”. Bennett continued, saying that “Intel in no way wants this to be public”.

With AMD readying itself for the launch of Vega GPUs with HBM2 it will interesting to see what lies ahead for Intel CPUs and its iGPUs .