May 24, 2024


After the announcement of PS4 NEO, people have been having arguments regarding its features and whether it will be a better console or a worthy upgrade over the current gen PS4. Well we can stop having that argument that now a leaked document on the PlayStation 4 Neo is now available on the Web.



Games optimized for the PlayStation 4 Neo are also expected to have higher and more stable frame rate.

Of course, there’s no telling if these are the final specs or not.

More Specs

According to this document (which also explains the budget split between the game and the PS4 system), the PlayStation 4 Neo will have a Jaguar CPU with 8 cores running at 2.1 GHz. The GPU will feature 36 Compute Units running at 911 MHz for a 2.3X improvement in Teraflops, while the memory will still be 8GB GDDR5 though the bandwidth will be higher at 218 GB/s.

Sony is pushing developers to run their games at a faster and more stable frame rate with the PlayStation 4 Neo


As such, Sony discussed some strategies like reducing the resolution of the display buffer. This is something that PlayStation 4 and especially Xbox One games do often – while the hardware outputs the image at 1080P, the display buffer is often lower.

However, Sony doesn’t want developers to run the games at 1440P on 4K displays because there wouldn’t be enough differentiation from the standard 1080P game on a regular HDTV.

neo_leak_4-635x356 neo_leak_5-635x356

Of course, we don’t have any way to know for sure if this document is legitimate. However, it certainly looks like it, though it seems to be about three months old.

We will update you guys on more news if it comes up but till then stay tuned to TechARX folks!