April 16, 2024

It’s a sad reality that the theft of a toolbox and its contents is something that must be guarded against, but the good news is there’s a number of strong steps which can be taken to protect a toolbox effectively both at work, and elsewhere. Let’s look at them now.

Get in the habit of locking it as often as possible

Some thefts are very sophisticated, others are just easy and opportunistic. The latter occurs when a toolbox is left unlocked. By locking tool boxes the job of stealing tools becomes far harder for would-be thieves. 

Keep it in sight (or in the sight of someone trusted) when on a job site

It will often be necessary to people using a toolbox to work at some distance from it. Although this may be unavoidable, it’s still ideal to keep it in the line of sight while this occurs. When a toolbox is out of sight, the risk grows of it getting stolen. In circumstances where it’s not possible to keep a toolbox in the line of sight, asking another trusted worker to keep an eye on it can serve to help minimise the risk of thefts.

Conceal them when able when they’re not in use

Sometimes it’ll not be possible with certain toolboxes to shield them from the public. For instance, a ute with a toolbox on the back will essentially be visible no matter what. But for smaller toolboxes, the old adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can be applicable when not in use. Store them in the boot, or at the very least in the backseat under the cover of something like a blanket, so if any prying eyes are passing by it’s not easy for them to immediately spot a toolbox is there. 

Be mindful of where you travel with your tools

There’s no need to be super anxious about quickly going inside to pay for fuel at the petrol station, but if you’re planning on heading into a shopping centre for many hours for a big holiday shop, it may be best to take another vehicle (or catch a taxi to and from there) to avoid the risk of your tools sitting exposed. 

Don’t store out in the open at night

Whether your toolbox is at home or on the job site at nights, avoiding them being stored out in the open at night whenever possible is important. Ideally, this means not parking a vehicle with a toolbox stored inside on the street, or even in the front drive. Instead, an enclosed garage is ideal, and if not possible, storing a vehicle with a toolbox in the backyard of a property, so as to not be easily visible from the street.  

Think about home security

Alongside the job site, home security is also a worthwhile consideration. There will be times when you’re out of the home but not at work, and this could be an opportune time for thieves. Security cameras, alarm systems, and even a dog with a loud bark can all serve to deter a thief from trying their luck. 


Maximising the safety of a toolbox and its contents takes some time and planning but is well worth it. So, remember to lock your toolbox whenever possible, keep it in sight, conceal a toolbox when not in use, stay mindful when traveling with them, avoid leaving them out in the open at night, and think in-depth about home security. By taking these steps now a toolbox and its contents can become very well protected now, and dramatically reduce the risk of theft occurring in future.  
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