April 21, 2024

A few 3DMark results just surfaced with their ‘Driver Codenames’. At the moment, we cannot for certain determine the accuracy of the following benchmarks and they may be off by a margin of about 20%. It appears that the tests were performed with different drivers or lower clock speeds and we cannot precisely ascertain which one is an ambiguity-free reflector of the stock performance of the GPUs in a discussion. You may as well take these with a pinch of salt but its enticing news to say the least.

Decrypting the Driver Codenames at GFXBench which appear to be in hexadecimal (AMD 67DF:C4, 67E8:00, 67EF:C3, 67FF:08, 67FF:C8 =https://goo.gl/AdfVtz), we can observe that the as the hexadecimal values rise, the performance dials down and the number following ‘:’ apparently indicates either a less cut down version or one with higher clock speeds. Greater the number, higher the performance. Through these bits and pieces we can intuit the following :-

67C0:XY = R9 480
67C0:XZ = R9 480X
67DF:C4 = R9 470
67DF:C7 = R9 470X

Polaris 11
67E0 – 67FF = R7s and R5s

Approaching it in a more practical manner, since the performance is somewhat on par with a GTX 1080 and higher than a TitanX, we may even conclude the following :-

67DF:C4 – Radeon R9 480
67DF:C7 – Radeon R9 480X
67DF:C7 CF – Radeon R9 480X Crossfire

Please note that these are mere assumptions and may or may not reflect to to the sound nomenclature. And now, lets get down to some numbers

3DMark Scores
3DMark Scores