February 25, 2024

Desperados III has launched quite successfully on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Videogame lovers everywhere are in love with it, and now they have a little something for all pen & paper gamers out there, who want to start an RPG adventure in the wild Wild West.

Mimimi Games, THQ Nordic, and Pegasus Games have announced the Official Desperados Pen & Paper RPG which is available right now to download and completely free. If you have no clue yet, what a Pen & Paper is all about or how this one in particular plays, we have a nice introduction for you from the fabulous Becca Scott.

Caught your interest? Gather some friends, find a table and download the Pen & Paper RPG here:


About Desperados – The Pen & Paper RPG

The countryside passes by without the least sign of change, accompanied only by the wheels’ monotonous rattle on the rails. Noon has come; relentlessly the sun is blazing down from high above. Then, the eye distinguishes a solitary horseman on the horizon, and only a few seconds later a second one. From both sides, more and more horsemen are heading towards the train.