July 17, 2024

The trends in the iGaming industry, although not too drastically, change from year to year. The 2020 has become special for the gambling niche. At a time when forced isolation fell on people’s heads, one of the ways to find new emotions was to immerse themselves in the virtual world.

The number of players at the poker tables of online poker rooms has increased significantly, and virtual casino showcases have not been left out. According to experts from the Bgaoc.com, the online gambling market has grown from 13% to 17% since the beginning of 2020.

High-quality online casinos

The number of players is increasing, and accordingly the audience needs more new products. In addition to new formats, game disciplines, slots and other things, you can’t do without technological progress. The niche has already begun to experience a number of changes, and this trend will clearly continue. If you are a fan of gambling and technological progress you can check the list of USA online casino reviews to find the best place to gamble!

Artificial intelligence in online gambling

At one time, thanks to the emergence of mobile applications, the gaming industry was able to significantly increase the audience and the growth of the chosen direction. And this is not surprising, because users could play with great comfort and wherever they wanted. In the same way, the introduction of AI will have a significant impact on the development of those products for which it will be used.

There are several main areas for which the use of artificial intelligence is most relevant:

  • Improving the quality of service. It will be much easier and faster to offer players the individual bonuses and promotions that they find most attractive to personal preference.
  • Protection of sites from intruders and dishonest players. The situation with bots in online poker is far from the easiest, which is why using AI, site owners will find it easier to identify clients using bots and quickly eliminate them.
  • Early detection of gambling addiction among clients. Artificial intelligence will help analyze the game statistics of all clients and identify problem players in time.
  • Implementation of new rules and algorithms. When a new rule comes AI can solve the question of are they fair to play or not.
  • In the event that the developers of modern AI will be able to offer operators ways to solve specific problems, the development of new technologies in this area will develop actively.

Blockchain technology

At the moment, some of the online casino operators offer their players the opportunity to make deposits and withdraw funds using cryptocurrency. The introduction of blockchain into virtual casinos will continue in 2021.

There are already separate poker rooms built on the blockchain platform, so it is possible that this trend will continue in the future. There are also some news that there soon will be slots on the blockchain platform, but so far the idea has not come to a widely spread solution.

What awaits the industry in different regions?

Separately, we need to talk about what changes are taking place in the gambling sphere in different countries.

  • USA: This region is the most important for gambling business. There is constant news that casino games and online poker will be legalized here soon. Therefore, the trends for the development of the industry in the United States are positive.
  • ASIA: here the market volume is incredibly huge and the dispute among the population only increases every year. Many Asian countries are in favor of legalizing online gambling, which obviously opens up excellent prospects for this industry.