May 20, 2024

It seems our prayers have finally been answered, Grand Theft Auto V might finally be getting a story DLC.

A report has surfaced from a reputable source that claims that Rockstar is working on a DLC that is similar to how Liberty City Stories DLCs expanded on Grand Theft Auto IV. Based on the report, it’s possible that there may be more than just one of these expansions in the works.

The first GTA V additional episode is said to be covering Anthony Miller’s story, a new character we don’t know anything about, featuring a plethora of new cars to be pimped up. Regions we first saw in GTA: San Andreas, San Fierro and Las Venturas, would also be featured in this paid DLC.

Horse riding and casino would more importantly come as part of this additional content, both these activities have been referenced numerous times by data miners who took a deep look into Grand Theft Auto V’s game files. Casinos were featured in GTA: San Andreas so if Las Venturas is one of the game’s new locations, the casino aspect would no doubt be possible. Horseback riding would be a first for the GTA series, but since Grand Theft Auto V was the first to feature actual animals, this can actually be a part of the gameplay.


This might be a gigantic rumor at this moment, but all of this lines up with the previous leaks. The fact that Rockstar is actually working on story content is no doubt true since the voice actor for Franklin had posted an Instagram photo of him at the studio teasing new content.

We also know that Rockstar plans to actually be at E3 this year to make some sort of announcement and their parent company has said that 2k will be there in a “big way”. So let’s hope that these rumors can finally be put to rest and the fans get what they were praying for.