April 19, 2024

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the sequel to the series developed by dice has come in on the matter today, thanks to a new update of the game’s official website.

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst official website now includes new details on the Everydyne Energy and Pirandello Group, two of the corporations operating in the city of Glass which provide energy and clothes, respectively. The Everydyne Energy description is actually quite interesting, as it seems to hint at an energy crisis, with a growing lack of energy resources which is being kept secret in the whole country.




Everdyne provides Cascadia with energy from several different sources, all of them nearing depletion and most of them causing heavy pollution. This growing lack of vital resources is one of the most well-kept secrets in the entire country. Everdyne also handle the extensive desalination needed to provide Cascadia with enough fresh water, and here too their resources and facilities are stretched beyond the breaking point.


Pirandello clothes the citizens of Cascadia. They set the trends, decide the latest fashion, and further cements the strata in society by offering different clothes ranges to the Corporate Houses and regular employs, making sure the House range is priced way above the pay-level of a regular employee. The clothing lines are complemented with beauty and hygiene-products in the same price-ranges. In Cascadia the way you dress and smell is an immediate class identifier.

Not too long ago, players on all formats have been able to try out Mirror’s Edge Catalyst thanks to a closed beta. Some players have voiced some concern regarding the game’s total length and side activities. We have to see if DICE can answer to all the concern’s gamers have for the game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches on June 7th in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.