April 19, 2024

Looking Into Marketo and How It Fits Into Adobe Experience Cloud

Digital marketing now has experienced a lot of change over time and both the concept and practice are now needed to be altered. The marketing teams of today spend a lot of time to find out easier and effective ways to make the most out of the digital marketing platforms. Digital marketing now is no more limited to products only. The modern concept of digital marketing involves:

·         Driving more visitors to the site

·         Generating more leads

·         Picking out the best prospects and

·         presenting a better version of your brand. Product and yourself.

There are lots of marketing automation solutions available on the internet that will help you to automate the manual and repetitive processes. It will allow you to market your brand and product in a much better way by concentrating only on creating unique and more effective marketing campaigns on a larger scale.

Besides that, these tools will also help you in other ways such as:

·         Automating all of your workflows

·         Managing customer relationships in a much better way

·         Getting better insights from the campaign analytics and report and

·         Helping you in better targeting.

According to research, it is found that more than 55% of B2B businesses prefer and use marketing automation. It is also seen that about 91% of these users agree that it is inevitable to use marketing automation to ensure that they gain overall success across all marketing channels.

The role of Adobe

The best thing about Adobe is that it has been helping several marketers all over the world irrespective of their product and business type with it’s Adobe Experience Cloud. In addition to improving the Experience Cloud, the homemade tools such as the Advertising Cloud Creative also helps it to fill the missing links and loopholes by gaining other marketing automation companies. These include:

·         Magento, the major player in the modern e-commerce industry and most recently

·         Marketo, the most popular marketing automation platform.

Ideally, the Adobe experience cloud is a digital marketing platform. This comes with a host of useful and effective marketing solutions. It is also driven by artificial intelligence. The primary objective of this platform is to provide the customers with excellent user experiences or UX.

Understanding Adobe Marketing Cloud

However, to make the best use of Adobe you will first need to understand why Adobe integration with Marketo is beneficial, more than you understand what is Marketo, which you already know having a little bit of experience of using it. This will help you to understand:

·         What Experience Cloud actually does

·         Know and understand the features of the Experience Cloud

·         Know the fundamentals of the three cloud-based products that make the Experience Cloud.

Invariably, Adobe Marketing Cloud will provide the consumer what they exactly expect today: a highly modified shopping experience.

Therefore, modern businesses now need to create more personalized marketing content so that they can appeal to different types of consumers. In order to ensure that, the companies now need to:

·         Understand the customers well

·         Know the needs of every customer

·         Create a better and tailored profile for every consumer and

·         Deliver specific contents that will meet the needs of every different customer profile.

In order to make sure that you do exactly that, you will need to use different tools of Adobe Marketing Cloud and integrate with Marketo. A few of the useful tools include:

·         Adobe Audience Manager: This tool will help you gather lots of customer data from all available sources such as CRM and analytics data. It will then be easy for you to combine the collected data and create a personalized profile for every customer. These profiles will enable you to understand their needs, choices, and preferences of each type of customer. Knowing this will help you deliver relevant content for marketing to every customer.

·         Adobe Experience Manager: Since modern marketing involves a lot of content, it is Adobe Experience Manager that will help you in better and more effective content management. This tool will gather the contents usually stored in different locations and will bring them all together in one place. It will also help the content to adapt to different types of devices that the customers may be using.

·         Adobe Social: This is the specific tool that will allow you to publish your content on the different social media platforms. It will also ensure that the workflows are moderated through its publication algorithms. This will tell you when the right time to publish is.

·         Adobe Media Optimizer: This tool will help the marketers to manage their ads displayed across the social channels and paid search channels. This tool will help you to optimize the spends on your ad and at the same time set accurate benchmarks for the performance of your ads.

·         Adobe Target: This is a marketing tool that will ensure that you deliver the right content to the right people. This will help you to be relevant to your content in terms of the needs of the different customers.

Therefore, Adobe target and Adobe Campaign is one of the best personalization engines that you can integrate with Marketo for delivering tailor-made content to every customer. Adobe Campaign is actually a platform that will help you to design, arrange as well as to measure the ROI and performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

Adobe-Marketo partnership

The Adobe-Marketo partnership will help the companies a great deal in their digital marketing campaign where on an average; they have to leverage 29 technologies, according to research, to ensure a better customer experience stacks.

This can be a real pain for the companies to manage such different solutions. However, Adobe integration with Marketo platform will provide a one-stop solution to meet with the varied and diverse needs of the customers.

In addition to that, there are several other benefits of the Adobe-Marketo integration such as pish their leads through the different stages of the sales marketing funnel. It is the ability to streamline the complicated analytics process that that make Adobe and Marketo so intimidating for the less technical marketers.