February 26, 2024
earth edition USB Drive 4

Kingston® has joined hands with InDeed to create a unique social awareness campaign called #EarthEditionDrives. This campaign imagines Earth as a USB Flash Drive, where Kingston aims to subtly draw attention towards the condition of our planet.

The campaign revolves around Kingston’s 64GB Limited Earth Edition USB Drive, which represents Earth. Select members from the industry were given a chance to try these USBs to experience it. The question most of them had was: What happens when you plug in Earth?

We were fortunate enough to be selected as one of them and we got our hands on the drive within a few days.

earth edition USB Drive 1

Immediately our attention went to the default flash drive icon that has been replaced with the icon of Earth that is filling up with junk. The drive’s title of ‘Clean Up Before Time’s Up’ was a not so subtle nod to the present condition of Earth’s pollution thanks to us

Driving home the point that we are running out of space – a disturbing parallel with real life – the new USB drive is completely full – All 64 GB of it. Opening the drive shows rows upon rows of junk. Except that this version of junk files tell a harsh story of different types of pollution and the garbage it generates.

Mr. Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology India says, “We are happy to have partnered with Posterscope for this social initiative on World Earth Day. With this high-octane awareness campaign revolving around our 64GB USB drive, we aim to educate our audiences about the ill effects of neglecting Earth, and to motivate them to take appropriate actions. It’s not just about the shock factor; the true purpose of our Earth Edition drive is to educate and encourage everyone to do their bit; one way is by joining hands with NGOs through a microsite link in the junk videos.”

Mr. Haresh Nayak, Group MD, Posterscope – whose CSR arm Indeed is behind the project – adds, “You have no other choice. Earth Edition forces you to ‘clean up’ this ‘Earth’ in order to use it, subtly telling you to do the same in real life. This is the kind of campaign that really forces you to think about the planet. Everything, right from the messaging on the package, contents and the USB flash drive is crafted in a way that will make you take a good look in the mirror and consider your actions carefully.”

Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, Dentsu Webchutney adds, “World Earth Day is our big chance to put the spotlight back on our planet. With some modding we have turned the humble Flash Drive into a mouthpiece for saving the planet that warns you at every step. In fact, even transferring a file results in a modified windows prompt that says There’s not enough space left on Earth. Clean Up Before Time’s Up which sums up not just the campaign but the very need to do this.”

earth edition USB Drive 4

In true TechARX style, we couldn’t stop ourselves from running a few benchmarks on it. And the results came in pretty neat, as expected from a Kingston product.

earth edition USB Drive HDTUNE 1
earth edition USB Drive HDTUNE 2

That aside, Kingston Technology & InDeed gave us a reality check with the #EarthEditionDrives campaign. It drives home the fact that the Earth is the only edition we are going to get, ever, and so we should be more careful about it.

If you can get your hands on this limited earth edition USB Drive, do not hesitate to buy it! It’s a good product with a far more important message behind it which outweighs everything.