April 17, 2024

Cloud Drone


Kingston is well known for its memory and flash memory department as a specialist . But why does a memory specialist company making big lineups in headphones, u might ask? Well because this lineup is from their HyperX sponsorship of competitive eSports teams. HyperX Cloud Drone is the very first headphone of its kind as a starter product and this continues along the lines of Cloud Core, Cloud 1, Cloud Revolver and Cloud 2.

After looking at the images, one might say that they all look same with the logo and color scheme…. cause its not. The build quality, earcups and ear padding are all different and the sound in all the other equation as well.

Whenever we talk about headphones, the first thing that comes to mind is for which purpose we need a headphone for exactly? Will it be for to hear the enemy footsteps in Counter Strike:Global Offensive or for listening to Rock, EDM or Hip-hop Music or for movies and light entertainment only or whether do i sound good using the given microphone in the headphone.

Well today I will be talking about  HyperX Cloud Drone, the very 1st in HyperX’s lineup of different E-sports Headphones.

Lightweight compared to its closest competitor Siberia V1

Specification And Visual Inspection

Before we jump into how the headphone sounds and how well is it build for a price range of 2k(as of this date), lets get into the specifications and how does the headphone look in person shall we?


  • Swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone
  • Intuitive volume control on headset ear cup
  • Lightweight comfort for long-term wear
  • 40mm directional drivers for audio precision
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Tangle-free braided cable

SNAPS Of Cloud Drone


    Has a Volume control on the right ear cup for easy volume access
Cloud Drone
     Left Ear Cup with Mic, moving it up mutes the mic Automatically


         Soft Cushions for great prolong use and superb comfort

Build Quality ,Sound And Usage Experience

I have been using this for a week now and let me tell you, I have used a lot of headphones over the past year, 1 of them being a ATH-M50x and yes for those who have been wondering why am I mentioning a audiophile here with response to a 2k headphone is because, the Drone also is a value for money headphone as the M50X was till the Dt700 came to market that is.

The Build quality is what you should expect from a entry level E-sports Headphone which is what exactly? Comfort. Every E-sports player needs a headphone which he is going to wear over a long period of time and not feel heavy after prolonged use of practicing aim maps on CS:GO or trying to achieve the best SOLO MMR possible in Dota2.


First Of all this headphone was made especially for E-sports. Kingston made sure that all the gamers around the globe should feel very good using this headphone. Listening to the footsteps while rushing at A-long doors being A CT and checking A-doors over at long or listening to the enemy footsteps from A-doors towards A-short? Not a problem. The footsteps are very clear in this regard and you would be able to hear each and every enemy movement very clearly.


Listening to Music at different genres like Rock,EDM , a little bit of metal and finally Hip-Hop and Tropical Music… 1st thing you will notice is the Bass. The Bass is just balanced perfectly to help u listen to both the highs as well as the lows properly. The mids however is where the headphone lacks.

Mids are not that good as compared to the highs and lows, be it any genre, you will always feel as if something is missing and you would have to use your own custom equalizer to balance that up.  The bass on the other hand is punchy as you will feel each and every drop very nicely and is very soothing to the ears.

Microphone Quality

Coming to the Mic, I used it on games like CS:Go, Dota2, The division and also on Teamspeak and Discord. My friends asked me if I bought a new “premium” headphone as if my voice was transmitting very clearly to them. Yeah it is that good!

The mic performance is very comparable to the Siberia V1 as there is no echo problem or any other background noise going through while u talk. Speaking in Mic has been a total breeze here on all platforms on PC,Laptop and on Android as well.


Being as the very 1st lineup in Kingston’s E-sports Headphones, this surely is too good for its price. The previous price of the headphone at launch was around the 3-3.5k mark but now its even cheap hovering around at 2k-2.2k on online Stores thought you can find it cheap locally as well if you wish.

This headphone can be compared to the V1 as V1 lacks in Bass, this does not. This headphone packs a balanced bass to give gamers not only the sound it needs in game  but also to deliver the same when it came to listening to music or watching a dolby premium blu ray movie.

Being priced at 2000rs , this cannot get any better and for those of you strict in budget… do not think much and get this headphones without a single hiccup. You will love them as I have had in my using period.


– Great Comfort even after prolong Use
– Volume Slider on Right Ear Cup For Easy Access To Volume
– Very Good Mic Quality
– Balanced Bass


– Mids are almost as same as V1 which is not good
– Small top head cushion instead of a long and thick one


Comfort- 8/10
Sound- 8/10
Looks- 7.5/10
Microphone Quality- 8/10

Final Rating


Liked the review? Want to buy it? Here is a amazon link to get it right now- Click HERE

2 thoughts on “Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Review- Best Gaming Headphones under 2000rs?

  1. Okayish review, a bit incomplete. Next time, please try to include

    1. A frequency graph
    2. A bit more detail in the sq. A bit of analysis with a few songs, equalisation performance, equalisation graph, amp performance. Headfi has excellent reviews for reference, where they give detailed representation of not only the high mid and lows, but also of characteristics like crunch(mid), speed(low), distro(high), etc
    3. A written spec sheet. The picture is fine, except that its not. Is almost invisible on small screens such as a smartphone
    4. A comparison with a few similarly priced headphones, viz the 202 ii ( only because the sq was praised )
    5. A bit more professionalism in the writeup ( “you” rather than “u”, ” first” rather than “1st”, for example ) might go a long way in helping.

    Its fine otherwise, good review



    1. You are absolutely correct, we have some other reviews which do adhere to all the points you have mentioned like the DT 770 or the MSI D502 Headset review, being an audiophile myself i couldn’t agree more, but it was an initial attempt by a particular writer but you can expect better from him in the future 🙂

      Thanks for voicing your opinion.

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