February 29, 2024



With the iPhone 6 launch said to be less than a month away, the phone’s design really is not much of a mystery. We’ve seen dummy units pop up countless times, and parts have been leaking. Today, we have some crystal clear pictures of what appear to be the final parts put together into what could be the device that launches next month.



Shared by Feld & Volk, which has shared high-quality iPhone 6 images before, the images confirm that the front panel will clearly feature tempered glass edges that merge seamlessly with the rounded edges of the rear shell. It’s exactly what we’ve been expecting—and fearing, too. One of the images seems to indicate that the iPhone 6 will indeed feature a protruding camera, which is a surprising move given Apple’s attention to aesthetics.



Despite that, the device looks quite nice when all is said and done—it reminds me a lot of Apple’s very first iPhone that came out in 2007. The phone looks incredibly thin, and adopts some of the more recent changes Apple has made, including redesigned speaker holes and elongated volume buttons. The power button has also been relocated to the phone’s right side for easier one-handed access.



While the images shared by Fred & Volk appear polished, they are still production parts, so the device you should be able to purchase next month will likely look even better. We’ve seen pretty much every external and internal part of the iPhone 6 leading up to next month’s rumored announcement, so it could be any day now before we see an actual working unit out in the wild.