February 23, 2024



Apple has slowly increased the storage capacities of its iPhones but it has yet to surpass offering more than 64GB of storage. That may change soon. A set of iPhone6 schematics leaked on Chinese social network Weibo suggest that the Cupertino company will offer a 128GB variant of its next flagship phone.

The leaked schematics apparently show how Apple is sourcing storage units for the iPhone 6. It looks like Toshiba is taking care of the 128GB modules on its own, while a small handful of companies are pitching in to provide 16GB and 64GB units. There’s no mention of a 32GB flash module, suggesting Apple may still only offer three options.


Rumors of a 128GB iPhone have been floating around for a while, with one recent report claiming Apple might offer the extra storage option for its rumored 5.5 inch iPhone 6L. We’re pretty sure Apple won’t let you add extra storage on your own any time soon, so it’s pretty important that Apple offers as much storage as possible out of the box. We’re betting the 128GB model won’t come cheap, but it might be worth considering if you’ve found that 64GB of space just isn’t enough.

Source: WEIBO