July 15, 2024

A well-renowned data miner has uncovered evidence that story-based DLC is actually coming to GTA V.


The screen LITERALLY says Story Mode DLC.

LondonTown2004 found some evidence of a DLC management system that could be making it’s way to the game in the near future. Among the positive pointers are a modified pause screen with a bright blue “DLC” label, and a new alert screen (seen above) that mentions Story Mode DLC not being installed. He was able to find this by accessing a QAB server used by Rockstar.

Information about this DLC was posted on NeoGAF by user, ODDI, who discovered this while perusing gtavcheats which had a write from data miner, LondonTown2004, who is apparently known in scripting and data mining circles. He or she dug through some of GTAV‘s files and discovered the framework for a new DLC management system. The files found aren’t among the game’s regular installs and have to be retrieved from a Rockstar QAB server.

There was also evidence found that there could be more than one DLC, both free and paid as London ran into a separate screen telling him that his non-existent DLC wasn’t authorized and had to be purchased.

We recommend you take this all with a giant teaspoon of salt but the miner in question has a high reputation so possibilty of this is being true is high. Truth be told, this shouldnt be too surprising GTA 4 also recieved DLC treatment in the form of TBOGT and LAD. GTA V was supposed to recieve Single Player DLC, with one of the voice actors even teasing it, but lately R* has been focussing solely on the online experience continously releasing free DLC packs for the multiplayer component of GTA V, GTA Online and remained silent on singleplayer DLC despite huge demand from the community.

Well it looks like our wish is about to come true.