June 14, 2024

In this era of smart devices the latest addition to the club is smart headphones. Yes , smart headphones which pulses laser in sync with your music , movement and even heartbeat. This is a very innovative Kickstarter project and has already raised over $290,000 in funds. This smart headphones features glow-in-the-dark cords that pulsate vibrant laser light by syncing with music, movement and possibly even heartbeat, all of which is controllable via the Glow app.

Zi Wang, a product marketing manager at Google noticed that the 98% of audio accessories were catered for iOS, where the accessory features such as volume control and play/pause music don’t always work properly on Android devices. Needless to say Glow is specially optimized for Android and provides a lot of control. With the help of Fibrance technology, the headphone wires are made of glass optical fibers that remain flexible while illuminating light. Glow is also working with Knowles for delivering premium sound quality with dual balanced armature drivers.

The initial market price starts from $150 which of course sounds like a lot to spend on average consumer headphones but considering the “cool factor” it might be worth spending on depending on your taste.

About this project
  • World’s first smart headphones that glow with lasers in either red, green, or blue.
  • Glow pulses to your music, movements* or heartbeat*. Use the Glow app to control the mode or even turn it completely on or off.
  • Premium sound quality featuring high end Knowles dual balanced armature drivers.
  • Use the intuitive 5-way controller to take full control of your smartphone. Snap photos, send texts, and intuitively control your media with dedicated buttons.
  • Glow is working with Google, Android, Corning, and Knowles to create the ultimate pairing of utility, sound, and expression.



[Source – glowheadphones.com, Kickstarter]