July 22, 2024

California-based video game and connected toys startup Gamaya launched Gamaya Legends – a video game based on the Ramayana – on Indian soil last month, available for purchase through Amazon.in at a price of 4999 INR for the entire interactive character kit as well as the console itself. Gamaya brings a whole new world of connected toys to life; connected because these beautifully crafted toys are the physical manifestations of their virtual avatars – all based on characters from the great Indian epics. Through a series of story videos to be broadcast on television, to a range of interactive video games using the characters from the great epics, Gamaya seeks to rekindle an interest in these stories. The icing on the cake will be the physical toys which will be based on the characters from the epics and will allow children from all over the world to indulge their imagination while playing out their fantasies with these toys. Made of premium material and aesthetically crafted, the toys could soon become collector’s items, much in the way of some of the Star Wars memorabilia.


The starter kit comprises a beautifully crafted toy, which is the physical manifestation of its virtual avatar, based on the character ‘Rama’ from the Ramayana, along with a gaming console. This toy, when placed on its gaming console, activates the character in-game. Through 3D animated cartoons and toys that come alive in a video game, young’uns are sure to enjoy this hand-crafted world of folklore like never before.


      As said by Mr. Samir Kumar, VP Category Management, Amazon India, “We are therefore extremely happy to be the partner of choice for Gamaya and offer our customers across the country an easy & convenient access to Gamaya Legends. We are very confident that this unique and interesting video game will catch the fancy of all gaming enthusiasts especially since it is based on Ramayana, an epic that continues to fascinate Indians even today.”

[For the official reveal trailer,click here.]