April 17, 2024

Capcom’s action RPG sequel, Dragon’s Dogma 2, isn’t just a return to a familiar world – it’s a reinvigoration. Stepping beyond the foundations laid in 2012, Dragon’s Dogma 2 expands upon its lore-rich universe, crafting a world where every decision feels like a brushstroke on the canvas of your grand adventure. This isn’t just an RPG for veterans seeking nostalgia; Dragon’s Dogma 2 welcomes newcomers with open arms, offering an experience that is both intricate and enthralling.

Towering citadels pierce the sky, their imposing shadows contrasting with the labyrinthine depths of forgotten dungeons. Each location is an invitation to exploration, promising hidden secrets and thrilling encounters. But Dragon’s Dogma 2 transcends mere sightseeing. This is a world that demands engagement.

Countless quests beckon, each a miniature adventure waiting to be unearthed. These aren’t mere fetch-and-deliver errands; they are opportunities to delve deeper into the world’s rich lore, uncover hidden treasures that bolster your character, and unravel mysteries that could rewrite the course of your journey. The world itself becomes a living, breathing entity, whispering secrets to those who dare to listen.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a commitment. It’s an RPG unlike any other, offering a sprawling world, deep combat, and seemingly endless content. It’s a call to forge alliances, test your courage, and write your legend. Are you ready?


Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: March 22, 2024

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Genre: RPG


Dragon’s Dogma 2 paints a vivid picture of a fantasy world brimming with intrigue. Danger lurks around every corner, while whispers of forgotten lore and ancient mysteries pique the curiosity of any adventurer. Players step into the shoes of an ordinary individual, but fate has extraordinary plans. Awakening in a world shrouded in darkness, they find themselves on a path intertwined with legendary heroes and notorious villains.

This destiny is tied to the Arisen, a select few chosen to wield immense power. The world teeters on the brink of destruction as a malevolent Dragon threatens to engulf everything in flames. As the Arisen, players must embark on a perilous quest to vanquish this entity and restore balance.

The journey is far from straightforward. A treacherous landscape filled with danger and deceit awaits. Players must navigate these treacherous paths, ever vigilant against threats. A vibrant cast of characters populates the world, each with their own motivations and hidden agendas. From enigmatic allies offering cryptic advice to cunning adversaries seeking to exploit any weakness, these encounters weave a complex narrative tapestry.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 isn’t just about grand quests and epic confrontations; it’s a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As players delve deeper into the world, they uncover the truth about their origins and the very nature of the world they inhabit. Moral dilemmas test their resolve, forcing them to make tough decisions that forge alliances and define the course of their adventure.

The narrative’s grand scope provides a captivating framework, but it’s the smaller moments that truly flesh out the world. Heartfelt conversations with companions around a crackling campfire or chance encounters with ordinary villagers going about their daily lives enrich the player’s understanding of the world and its inhabitants. These seemingly insignificant moments paint a picture of a world teeming with life, with its own struggles and triumphs playing out alongside the Arisen’s epic quest.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is ultimately a tale woven with heroism, sacrifice, and redemption. As players embark on their epic quest, they will be pushed to their limits, facing trials that test their courage and resolve. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, demanding a hero to rise and confront the forces of darkness. Will you answer the call and become the legend whispered of in hushed tones?


Dragon’s Dogma 2 transcends the realm of button-mashing action RPGs. Here, every decision carries weight, weaving a tapestry of consequence into the grand narrative. As players step foot in this sprawling world, they’re presented with a multitude of quests, each offering a unique thread to explore. Exploration becomes a strategic act, demanding careful planning and resource management. Do you prioritize the main story, pushing forward to confront the central antagonist? Or do you delve into the intricate web of side quests, uncovering hidden lore and bolstering your character’s strength and arsenal for the trials ahead? Dragon’s Dogma 2 empowers players to forge their own path, rewarding them with a richer understanding of the world and its inhabitants.

The game’s heart beats with the rhythm of its dynamic combat system. It’s a thrilling ballet of clanging steel, crackling spells, and strategic maneuvering. Whether a seasoned warrior honed in the art of swordsmanship or a budding mage wielding potent arcane energies, Dragon’s Dogma 2 caters to a diverse range of playstyles. The combat repertoire is vast, allowing players to specialize in specific disciplines or adopt a hybrid approach, mastering both melee and ranged combat.

Each encounter is a crucible that tests a player’s skill and tactical acumen. The bestiary throws a gauntlet of foes at the player, ranging from the swarming nuisance of goblins to the awe-inspiring terror of colossal dragons. Mastering the combat system requires a keen understanding of enemy attack patterns, strategic positioning to exploit weaknesses and meticulous resource management. Players must learn to unleash devastating attacks at opportune moments, deflect incoming blows with well-timed blocks, and dodge enemy strikes with graceful agility.

The true depth of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s combat shines in its extensive customization options. A smorgasbord of weapons, skills, and abilities allows players to tailor their arsenal to conquer any challenge. Fancy yourself a whirlwind of blades? Wield a mighty two-handed sword and cleave through foes with brute force. Do you want to unleash arcane devastation? Master the art of spellcasting and rain down fiery destruction upon your enemies. Or perhaps you prefer a more tactical approach? Take up a bow and become a master of ranged combat, picking off enemies from afar. The choice is entirely yours, and the game rewards experimentation and mastery of your chosen style.

Adding another layer of strategic intrigue to the combat system is the innovative pawn system. These AI-controlled companions are more than mere followers; they are customizable allies designed to complement the player’s chosen playstyle. Need a stalwart defender to draw enemy aggro and protect your more fragile spellcasters? Equip your main pawn with a heavy shield and defensive skills. Running low on health potions during a particularly grueling battle? Train your pawn in healing magic to keep the party fighting fit. Craving a more offensive approach? Equip your pawn with powerful spells or ranged weaponry to unleash devastating attacks alongside you. The pawn system fosters a strategic dance between the player and their AI companions, creating a dynamic combat experience that constantly evolves as players refine their tactics and experiment with different pawn configurations.

Beyond the thrilling crucible of combat lies a vast, immersive world begging to be explored. Lush forests teeming with life give way to sprawling, bustling cities, each with its own unique culture and secrets to uncover. However, the true allure of exploration in Dragon’s Dogma 2 lies not just in traversing from point A to point B, but in delving into the rich tapestry of lore woven into the world’s environment. Hidden dungeons beckon with the promise of forgotten treasures and powerful artifacts. Scattered ruins whisper tales of bygone eras, waiting to be unearthed by the curious adventurer. Every corner holds the potential for a new discovery, a hidden side quest, or a chance encounter with a captivating character.

Visuals, Audio, and Technical Performance

Dragon’s Dogma 2 wastes no time throwing you into a world that’s a visual masterpiece. The art style is a real standout, offering a stunning variety of environments that feel distinct and alive. One minute you’re hacking your way through a lush jungle teeming with vibrant flora and fauna, the next you’re in a desolate wasteland where the remnants of a forgotten civilization crumble around you, their secrets whispering on the wind. The world feels meticulously crafted, with reviewers praising the level of detail poured into every corner. From the intricate textures on a crumbling archway to the subtle sway of windblown grass, it’s easy to get lost in the sheer beauty and realism of this place.

The technical aspects are equally impressive. Lighting effects bathe the world in a realistic glow, and the dynamic weather system adds another layer of immersion. Imagine a sudden downpour obscuring your vision as you trek through dense foliage, the chilling wind whipping rain against your armor. Or picture your muffled footsteps as you climb a treacherous mountain path, the air thin and the silence broken only by the occasional howl of a distant beast. The animations are another highlight, and I was impressed with the smooth and lifelike character movement and the impressive detail in creature design. Whether you’re bustling through a crowded marketplace, its stalls overflowing with exotic wares and the air thick with the clamor of bartering merchants, or facing off against a fire-breathing dragon in a volcanic cavern, Dragon’s Dogma 2 promises a truly immersive experience.

The sound design complements the visuals perfectly. Soaring orchestral pieces build tension during epic battles, sending shivers down your spine as you clash steel with monstrous foes. Haunting melodies, on the other hand, create a sense of mystery and anticipation as you delve into hidden dungeons, their depths promising both danger and potential rewards. The impressive environmental sounds bring the world to life. Every creak and groan of a crumbling structure, every rustle of leaves in the wind, and the distant roar of a monstrous beast all combine to create a believable and captivating soundscape that truly draws you into the world.

However, despite the game’s visual and auditory strengths, Dragon’s Dogma 2 does have some technical issues that may impact your experience. Performance issues, particularly on consoles, such as frame rate drops and occasional graphical glitches, can detract from the overall immersion.

Final Score

9 / 10


While Dragon's Dogma 2 may not be without its flaws, its strengths far outweigh any shortcomings, offering players an unforgettable journey that will keep them coming back for more. Lush jungles teeming with life give way to desolate wastelands whispering forgotten secrets. Each meticulously crafted environment begs exploration, further enhanced by the game's dynamic weather system and lifelike animations. The combat system itself offers a satisfying blend of strategy and action, rewarding players for mastering its intricacies. Dragon's Dogma 2 stands as a shining example of what a modern RPG can achieve.