April 18, 2024
First DDR5 Memory Modules Banner
Jiahe Jinwei and Netac have completed making DDR5 modules using memory chips from Micron. The evaluation phase for the memories is over.

Jiahe Jinwei and Netac are memory module manufacturers. Micron has delivered its DDR5 chips to Them. Both brands have completed making DDR5 memories a few weeks after they received the memory chips from Micron. Netac has confirmed that the evaluation phase of their memory in collaboration with brands such as ASUS or MSI (as they supplied motherboards for testing this RAM has been completed and the results are good as the modules are working as expected.

The new modules will significantly improve frequencies up to 4800 MHz without any overclocking applied. The upcoming Intel 12th Gen(Alder Lake) processors will support these DDR5 memories. The DDR5 technology will increase efficiency and memory size compared to DDR4 technology. The memory modules produced by Netac and Jiahe Jinwei are 32GB per single RAM with 4800MT/s speed, timings of 40-40-40, and a nominal voltage of 1.1V. This performance is not very impressive, but the technology is still new and it will get better over time.

Netac is also working on developing 10,000MHz DDR5 modules. With time, Jiahe Jinwei is expecting to produce a higher frequency and larger capacity RAM.

NETAC DDR5 memory
NETAC DDR5 memory

The power delivery circuit on the DDR5 module is also a different case from DDR4, which relies on the motherboard chipset for power.

DDR5 memory PCB