July 13, 2024
Bitmain Antminer E9
Bitmain Antminer E9 is an Ethereum ASIC with 3 GH/s speed similar to using32 RTX 3080 GPUs (94 MH/s per card) while being more efficient.

Bitmain announced a new ASIC called Antminer E9 – Advertises it as Powerful as 32 RTX 3080 Graphics Cards

The Bitmain Antminer E9 is coming soon, just as Ethereum hitting its all-time high price recently. The Antminer E9 is an ASIC miner with 3 Gigahashes/s speed. This is the same as using 25 RTX 3090 GPUs (120 MH/s per card) or 32 RTX 3080 GPUs (94 MH/s per card) of mining performance.

Unfortunately, there is no release date or pricing information provided by Bitmain. We can expect the price of the machine to be quite inflated due to the global shortage of graphics cards and current all-time high mining profitability, yet it should be much more cost-effective than buying multiple graphic cards worth the same hash rate instead. So the Antminer E9 going to be a great option for Etherium miners.

In comparison to the Linzhi Phoenix ASIC Miner (2.6 Gh/s) which is priced at about 13,300 to 13,700 USD, we can expect the Antminer E9 to cost quite more it is more power-efficient than any existing solution. For example, with 32 RTX 3080 graphics cards, which would consume around 7,500 watts, the Antminer E9 alone is only consuming 2,556 watts. Also, it is much cheaper to buy one Antminer E9 rather than buying 32 RTX 3080 or 25 RTX 3090, in case you can get your hands on as many of them.

With its outstanding performance and efficiency, the Antminer E9 is already a great offering for the miners plus it is also much less expensive. But it can be expected that the Antminer E9 will not be available in large quantities to satisfy the current rise in crypto mining and will no be able to have any positive effect on the GPU shortage scenario. But it is surely a better solution for mining Etherium.

You can check the Promotional video of the Bitmain Antminer E9 bellow: