May 20, 2024

CORSAIR® (NASDAQ: CRSR), a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today introduced iCUE Murals Lighting, a groundbreaking software for creating incredibly immersive lighting effects in CORSAIR iCUE. This powerful feature enables you to use images, video, and even on-screen visuals as colorful templates to produce imaginative, mesmerizing lightscapes. With Murals, your desktop – and entire game room – comes alive with dazzling, custom-created RGB

Murals Lighting is an intuitive, interactive tool that enables users to quickly create custom RGB lighting effects in iCUE like never before.

Create custom RGB lighting effects in iCUE with ease using Murals Lighting. Simply upload an image, GIF, or video and place your RGB devices over it on-screen. The platform is user-friendly and fun to use, bringing your gaming space to life.

Choose any static or moving image file format to create unique lighting effects. Match on-screen games or media, or go wild with your favorite videos and background images. Watch as Pac-Man and pixel art run across your keyboard, animations pulse throughout your PC, and audio visualizers come to life with Murals.

“We’re thrilled to introduce iCUE Murals, a leap in interactive lighting control and personalization,” said Thi La, President and COO of CORSAIR. “Our team has had a lot of fun with this software and we have seen amazing room lighting setups from our community. We can’t wait to see what newcomers and experienced users can do with Murals to create their unique lightscapes.”

Download the latest version of iCUE with Murals Lighting at