May 25, 2024


There is a great demand of Xiaomi Mi3 in India though it’s being a flipkart exclusive, people are finding difficulties to order one for them due to very limited stock. Even those people who are lucky enough, they’re ordering multiple device at a time and doing business by selling them at a higher price. The shocking news is there are some online stores which are selling Mi3 at a little bit reduced price which is impossible because flipkart is the only authorized seller of Xiomi products. After researching we can find a post on Xiomi’s official website that there is FAKE Mi3 too. So beware, DON’T BUY XIOMI Mi3 EXCEPT FROM FLIPKART. The fake Mi3 is almost same as original with a 720p display but take screenshots at Full HD resolution 4023130 4023132 4025905 4025910 4025912 IMG_20140114_205044 IMG_20140114_205108 IMG_20140114_211235 Screenshot_2014-01-11-16-44-43

Source: Xiaomi