July 12, 2024

ASUS has recently launched the ROG Strix Impact III, a wired gaming mouse designed for mainly claw and fingertip grip types. Weighing in at around 59 grams, the Strix Impact III is one of the lightest mouse on the market as of now. Aiming squarely at the FPS enthusiast Crowd, the mouse is sure to turn heads,

Design and Build Quality

The Asus Strix Impact III mouse features a slightly elongated shape with a flatter front and a rounded back, resulting in a classic and aesthetically pleasing design. This ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and makes it suitable for users with medium-sized hands. The symmetrical design of the mouse makes it equally comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

The Mouse feels pretty sturdy in the hands and lightweight. The PTFE feet are a nice touch, along with the Asus paracord cable. The scroll wheel is pretty responsive and doesn’t miss a bit while using.

Coming to the Mouse buttons, both the right and left button has a little dip which stops finger skips and makes it pretty easy to use. The side buttons are a bit narrow and hard to reach in my opinion, especially for user’s with small hands.


The Strix Impact III comes with the PixART PAW3311 optical sensor which is the go-to sensor for quite a few budget offering like the TUF M4 and MSI Clutch GM 31. The sensor in itself is quite capable given its low price. Boasting a 12000 DPI range, the sensitivity can be adjusted from 200 to 12000. Motion tracking speed is 300 ips with an acceleration of 35g. The polling frequencies are adjustable up to 1000Hz.

The only gripe I have is that the mouse tends to skip a bit if there’s dirt or dust on the mousepad which is a bit of an issue in the Indian scenario.

Asus Armoury Crate controlls all the setting from DPI adjustment to lighting. The Software has 4 main settings:


The tab allows you to set function for the main buttons as well as the side buttons. To select the appropriate function, simply use the drop-down list on the right-hand side of the screen.


This tab controls the manual adjustment of DPI, sampling rate and angle snapping.


As the name says, you can control the lighting here, or sync it with Aura Creator profiles if you have them installed in your PC.

Firmware Update

Pretty Much Self Explanetory

User Experience and Last Words about the Strix Impact III

Asus Strix Impact III is a much-awaited upgrade in the IMPACT Lineup released three years after the last model. As such, a lot is expected from the product and Asus manages to give us a completely upgraded product. Without saying much, I will try to summarize in a few points.

  • The mouse is very light, but the material is very durable and doesnt “squeak” like similar products.
  • The materials are comfortable to touch, and the buttons and wheels are pretty responsive.
  • The software is pretty responsive and intutive.
  • The RGB lighting is a joy to watch when it works, but if Aura Creator decides to flake on you, you will not get any eye candy, just the basics.
  • The Sensor tends to skip a bit in heavy dust environment, which might be an issue for some.

Strix Impact III Gallery

Overall, a quite capable mouse from Asus. Must buy if you are a fan AND looking for a budget offering.