June 23, 2024

After more than 12 years away from the racing world, the Porsche Brand will be available as exclusive DLC content for the PC and forthcoming console editions of Assetto Corsa

Kunos Simulazioni has announced that the exclusive DLC content will include the most iconic and authentic cars created by the prestigious manufacturer this coming Autumn.

Assetto Corsa has established itself as one of the leading PC racing simulation experience thanks to its focus on purity of handling, accuracy of cars & tracks, and the trust of automotive partners to feature premium licensing content and top class manufacturers.

The partnership extends to the creation of 2 DLC packs that will deliver the most accurate Porsche experience for fans and motorsport enthusiasts worldwide across a variety of classic and new Porsche models alongside the provision of customised software for virtual experiences worldwide at selected Porsche dealer and race centres.

Marco Massarutto, Executive & Licensing Manager at Kunos Simulazioni: “I can’t describe how proud we are about this partnership with Porsche, and how exciting it is to bring back the Brand into the sim-racing world: this Autumn, Assetto Corsa will be the only multi-platform title to have the Porsche brand in a genuine racing simulation experience. The gamers and our fans really want to have the chance to DRIVE the Porsche cars in a realistic manner. It’s a privilege, and a big responsibility for us; we are working closely with Porsche with the aim to reproduce each single model with the maximum accuracy, and the fact that the same simulation will be used at Porsche race centres will push our team even more to provide the best Porsche virtual experience ever.”

Joining the already available PC version, Assetto Corsa will hit the track on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 on August 26th in Europe and August 30th in North America, published by 505 Games.