June 14, 2024

The term E-sports is now a very known term among gamers.Call of duty,Counter Strike,halo,dota 2 championships has given this esports or should we say Electronic Sports a new recognition in the world.But when we think about esports in India the possibility and future aspect look not so bright.The number of gamers in India has jumped to a very significant number in past few years but still taking gaming as a full time job/profession/career is still a very neglected term among parents.But things are not same anymore.When teams like “Brutality” waves their flag on the international arena you are bound to feel proud as an Indian.

Brutality is one of the best professional electronic sports team of India head quartered in Mumbai. It was founded in 2008 by Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth and Aakash ‘RiX’ More. Brutality apart from being known for its highly successful Counter Strike division, they also compete on solo titles like Tekken, Street fighter, Need for Speed Series, Forza Motorsports Series & Trackmania Series. Over the years Brutality has achieved a lot of success in the Indian e-sports scene. At Brutality we always aim for the best and no matter what the situation is we deliver. Our mission is to make a team with best of friends and enjoy the game together. Because we believe if you enjoy each others company in game you don’t have to worry about the results.



The venue was EDGE 2015,hosted by Techno India Group Saltlake.By the look of the atmosphere it was certainly sure that students of Techno India campus took the term “E-Sports” pretty seriously.CS GO,Fifa,Dota all the Esports brilliance was there and guess who was the guest of honor? Yes “Team Brutality”.Techarx was there too to cover the event and off course we cant miss this golden opportunity of a face to face with our own Team brutality as we try to hunt down the secret of their success.



Techarx:- It’s an honor to have welcome gaming teams like yours in Kolkata. How was our hospitality so far?

Team Brutality:- Its a great honor to play here as we have a lot of fans here.We’ve visited Kolkata before and the hospitality was so great that it always felt like home.Specially if we talk about Edge 2015 by Techno India its really amazing to see such excitement which actually pump us to perform and interact with people.

Techarx:- How would the team prepare for an event such as this?

Team Brutality:- Practice is the only thing which is on top of our priority list.We start practicing 15 days prior to such events.We practice in the most popular maps,hold group meetings.Practice is the only thing which makes us going.

Techarx:- Our readers would like to know what are the gears the team uses?

Team Brutality:- Actually it depends on individuals.But we get stuffs from our prime sponsor Antec.Antec 1900 cabinet and Antec cpu cooler both are must for us.They perform efficiently in most stressed situations.Other than that we use Steelseries Siberia frost blue for MIC, we also use Logitech g400s wired mouse,Razer Goliathus speed edition mousepads.

Techarx:- Which games are your most favorite (one from each member)?

Team Brutality:- CS GO,Cs 1.6 which we play professionally.Apart from that we play Dota 2 and fifa occasionally.

Techarx:- What makes a winner during a competition like this?

Team Brutality:- Friendship.Our friendship is our key to success and we think this is the most important factor behind any successful team.The bonding,the understanding makes us go.We know our strategy very well.We are playing for a very long time and we know each other very well.This makes our team special because if you see nowadays teams break quite easily.We have a set line up for a long time.That helps us a lot.



Techarx:- We believe the team will also conduct an event. What will that be?

Team Brutality:- If we conduct an event such as this we will definitely include Cs:GO which is our favorite.Apart from that Dota2,Fifa,Tekken,Street Fighter will also be there.

Techarx:- A message to your fans.

Team Brutality:- They have been very helpful and supportive.Since our CS 1.6 days.Specially Kolkata guys who supports us a lot.Whenever we come here we feel like home.The crowd is great and the excitement is tremendous.We thank all the fans who supported us throughout our journey till now.Keep supporting us because that’s the only thing which keeps us going and perform everyday.

We Techarx wish Team Brutality more success in their future events.

(Interview conducted by Techarx team:- Debjit banerjee,Suvoporno Banerjee,Neellohit Basu,Souradeep Basu)