September 29, 2023

Information regarding AMD’s new hardware tweaking app WattMan has bulged over the surface. The details suggest that the new app has a much wider array of options in accord with the thermal control, clock speeds and such.



The new WattMan is supposed to be replacing the now old and obsolete AMD Overdrive which was the subject to mixed reception over the years with the older versions still being universally superior. The leaks promise that the app will offer users freedom over the control of thermals, clock speeds, voltage, fan speeds, etc. Considering Crimson’s appealing UI, I would expect AMD to have accomplished a rather fine job as far as aesthetics of app are to be discussed but the fog will clear in a few days time when the RX 480 launches.

Driver News

The leaked slides also give a hint that AMD in the future will be providing a much larger number of Day 1 drivers for upcoming games which is quite promising considering that despite discernible improvements in the driver section, AMD isn’t left without having to swallow a morsel or two for their previous catastrophes in the driver department. The Day 1 driver support for games has greatly improved ever since the first Crimson installment and this would further ensure that AMD witnesses a brighter future in its crummy section. Although, there is barely any disparity between nVidia and AMD drivers as of now, more exposure is required to propagate the fact and this will serve as a huge assistance for the errand.


With AMD’s Polaris and Vega GPUs yet to retail, these drivers further deepen the interests of the consumers in buying their brand new lineup. With the new installments in the driver section, release day driver support can be expected to sport a major improvement with the RX 480’s launch only 2 days away.

Source : OC3D