April 10, 2024

AMD has been teasing and teasing about RX Vega for a while now. The Workstation centric version of this card even released a few weeks back and it has been received as a dud from the tech press in general. Barely hitting GTX 1080 level of performance, it surely looks underwhelming, to say the least. But AMD has reminded everyone that the Frontier Edition is a Workstation Card and does not have dedicated drivers for it. They promise the RX Vega cards will be competitive. Well, we will find out at SIGGRAPH Capsaicin on July 30th.

According to Videocardz.com the Vega GPUs will come in 3 forms the RX Vega XTX, RX Vega XT and the RX Vega XL.

The Vega XTX is supposedly a water-cooled edition of XT with higher TDP, whereas the XT is air-cooled version. According to our sources, the XL is a custom-only variant with cut-down Vega. So in this regard, RX Vega lineup is similar to Fury series, with the exception of XTX variant.

We also learned that both XTX and XT are to feature 8GB HBM2 memory. At this point, it remains unclear if 16GB the variant is still planned.

Certainly looks interesting and a good throw back to the days of ATI x800 Era of Graphics card.