May 17, 2024

Details of a rumored 3nm AMD APU’s have surfaced in the wild.

Leaked by a site called moepc, they further said AMD is going to launch its next APU series of processors in 2022 which will be codenamed as “Phoenix ” and it will be based on Zen 4 architecture. The processor series will be based on a 5nm chip and would have DDR5 support. Several leaks have claimed that this APU series will bear RDNA integrated graphics.

The Zen5 APUs dubbed as “Strix point” will have 8 large Zen5 cores+ 4 small cores (big.LITTLE). This series will go head-to-head clash with Intel’s rumored “ Lunar Lake ” series. He also claimed that the performance target of these 8-series APUs, as well as the iGPU performance target, have already been set but he declined to pass any information on those as of now. He also claimed that the memory subsystem of the Zen5 series will have bigger changes as compared to the Zen4 series.

Zen 5 APU “Strix Point” belongs to Ryzen 8000 series (at the time of writing), and it will adopt big.LITTLE like Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake, with 8 big Zen 5 cores and 4 little cores. It’s scheduled to be launched in 2024.

Via MoePC

As always take these rumors with a pinch of salts since we are talking about a platform that’s apparently coming in about three years. Judging by the current scenario, a lot can and will change.