June 14, 2024

If looking at iPad parts is your thing, you’ve certainly been treated well over the past several days. And, now, as we kick off the weekend, a series of new photos has been shared by apple.club.tw, a Taiwanese site that purports to show off more iPad Air 2 parts, including a cable for the Touch ID button, a front panel and the device’s logic board.


There’s not all that much here that we didn’t already know. I mean, it’s just a handful of pictures of internal components. Doesn’t get more exciting than that, right? The cable for the Touch ID home button is arranged exactly how you’d expect, and features a stainless steel ring that leaves plenty of room for a home button. Apple’s tablets have been tipped to receive Touch ID technology for awhile, and with Apple Pay rolling out later this month, the rumor certainly makes sense (assuming the Air 2 also comes with NFC).


We’ve heard other rumors claiming the iPad Air 2 will receive an upgrade to Apple’s latest A8 processor, alongside 2GB of RAM and a much slimmer body thanks to new screen technology. Many of the upgrades we’ve been hearing about make a lot of sense, and seem like natural progressions for Apple’s iPad lineup—and may be a stopgap for something even better.


Apple has scheduled an event for Oct. 16, so we’re just days away from learning about what the company has planned for its iPad going forward. We’re also expecting plenty more from the event, including a new iMac, Mac mini and the final release date for OS X Yosemite.