June 14, 2024

Escape room games are fun and thrilling and challenge your instincts. Escape room games, puzzle room games, or break-out games mainly require you to crack the code imprisoning you in a room. This is a booming industry, and they are slowly becoming the face of active entertainment these days. The demand for something new that includes adventure as well as employing brain power has prompted this rise in the popularity of escape room games. Although amusement parks and adventure sports still hold the interest of people, something fresh is always better.

How do Escape room games work?

Escape room games are thematic and use the help of popular legends or characters to create a scenario. The themes range from horror, thriller, and science fiction, to name a few. Want to explore the lair of a mysterious magician? Or maybe you are more interested in catching a serial killer? Whatever it is, escape room games have something for you. Although some escape room games are played individually, it is more common and smart to play as a team.

After forming a team, the players are voluntarily (and often just theoretically) locked in a room. The goal is to break out of the escape room while accomplishing certain additional tasks. The players must figure out the code to the lock by solving some puzzles. It is the game master who navigates the game and provides important clues when needed. All this seems fine until you realise you only have 60 minutes to get out!

9 strategies to keep in mind while playing an escape room game

Now we know the essence of playing such a game means enjoying the experience, but it doesn’t hurt if you beat the game at the same time, right? If you are willing to take on the challenge, we are willing to make the journey a little bit easier. So, hop onto this thrill ride while we compile the nine strategies you need to keep in mind the next time you play the escape room game.

Assemble your team, avengers assemble! What we have learned from marvel movies is that you always need a good team to defeat the bad guy. If you want to defeat the escape room villain, you must choose a good team. A good strategy for winning an escape room game will be picking the correct number of teammates. Don’t choose too many players that it becomes chaotic but also not so few that you can’t divide the tasks properly.

You should also make sure that your team has good communication and chemistry. Cooperation is the basis of team games, so it is better if they agree on all the important things

  1. Listen to the Game Master

The first thing you should learn while developing an escape room strategy is that you must listen to the Game Master! No one understands the game better than the gamemaster. It is their job to introduce the scenario to you and give details about the tasks you must accomplish. Note that escape room games aren’t meant to be so difficult that you cannot crack them in time. All the information you need is already there in the scenario.

Listen to the Game Master when they tell you not to do something and follow their instructions. The escape room games are time-sensitive, so it’s better not to waste time focusing on unnecessary things. Follow the rules, and you shall survive well. 

  1. Memorize the room layout

After you and your team enter the room, the first thing you should do is familiarise yourself with the room. Memorise the layout. Since you have to search anywhere and everywhere in the room, it is important that you and your teammates understand the room well. Search every nook and cranny.

  1. Identify the tasks

The next thing you must do after taking in the layout is to identify the tasks. Identify the tasks and set up a list of things you must do to achieve that. Do you need to input a key or unlock a second door? Remember the design and focus your energy on solving them based on their particular requirements. 

  1. Organize well

Now that you have identified the objectives, the next strategy to keep in mind while playing an escape room game is organising the clues. Keep an inventory of all the clues you have found and all the puzzles you have cracked. To avoid confusion, make a list of all the places you have already looked at. Try to figure out a pattern between the clues found and their location. Strategize well, and you can break out of an escape room in no time.

  1. Delegate the tasks

Not all your teammates will be smart and quick on their feet. So, delegate the tasks. Divide the task based on the particular teammates’ strengths. You will solve the puzzle faster and more efficiently if the work is divided into seekers and solvers. This will also help avoid confusion and tension.

  1. Communicate well

Since escape room games are team games, communication is key for success. Electing a leader is a wise idea, and if your team has good chemistry, this will help avoid unnecessary tension as well.

  1. Occam’s Razor

The most important strategy for beating an escape room game is following Occam’s Razor principle. This principle means to do away with unnecessary assumptions while theorizing something. This basically suggests that the most obvious answer might just be the right answer. O follow your instinct while engaging in-game critically. The red herrings are there to trick you, and we are here to strategize a way of beating the game.

  1. Ask for hints

It is not a sign of weakness if you ask for hints. I mean, the hints exist for a reason. Be careful when you are getting the hints, though. One mistake in understanding the hint and all hell breaks loose. But if you strategize like a pro, you will surely beat the escape room game.

Wrapping up

Now that we have explored the 9 most important strategies to keep in mind while playing an escape room game, focus on playing the game well. Look, the game is going to be fun whether you win or lose. So, concentrate on having a great experience while you are at it. Be calm and collected now that you have unlocked the secret code (yay, escape room puns!), and don’t be afraid to take on this challenge!