July 13, 2024

If you are a phone enthusiast, you probably think a lot before choosing a smartphone to buy. The first doubt that might come to your mind would be whether to buy an Android Smartphone or an iOS one. Android or iOS both are great options to consider. If you have decided to go with Android, this post is for you.

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According to Statcounter, the global market share looks like Android has about 72.2%, winning and iOS stands 26.99%. The sole reason behind this is that most consumers look for simple and easy-to-use devices, and thus, Android stands high in this category, and hence the market share tells about it too.

There are plenty of entertaining things you can do with your Android device. From socializing to playing online games and almost everything. Let’s learn more about android devices.

6 Entertaining things you can do with your Android phones can amaze you, and they are listed below.


GIFs stand for “Graphics Interchange Format,” which are pretty popular these days. GIFs add humor to your everyday chatting. GIFs are even used to initiate conversations and reflect emotions in a much more exciting way.

How amazing is that, right? GIFs can also be used to make memes. GIFs are the new form of chatting. With an android phone, you can easily send GIFs and make the conversation much more fun.

2. Android With Entertainment

Android has come from KitKat to Android 12, and the fun thing is the android version itself. Every android version is peculiar for itself, and this acts as a fun game.

For that, click on Settings, scroll down to About phone and then Select Software Information and tap on the Android version about 3 to 4 times and see the magic happen.

Click on Settings >About Phone >Software Information > Android Version (3 to 4 Taps).

This way, you can spend time playing an exciting android game.

3. Google Assistant

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels

Siri is famous for its witty replies, but have you tried Google Assistant? Android phones come with Google Assistant. Even if your screen is off, Google assistant is more of a watch clock, reminding you of various tasks and helping you search for anything with just your voice.

You can play games, browse things, ask about the weather, listen to jokes, and do many other things with Google Assistant.

Other fun things to try with Google Assistant:

  • Play music
  • Find a song
  • Control your smart home and devices
  • Make appointments
  • Send messages
  • Set reminders
  • Open apps
  • Find directions
  • Find information
  • Have a conversation
  • Ask funny questions

It’s entertaining and straightforward. Google Assistant can make your life easy.

4. Widgets

Are you tired of opening the music app again and again? Well, Android phones come with widgets. Widgets are set on your home screen and create a mini-app-like option that helping can be accessed without opening the app.

Widgets can be defined as mini-apps that run on your Android home screens. It makes your life easier as well as gives you the option of being creative with the home screen.

You can set the widgets of your favorite apps on your home screen. This way, you can easily use them when needed.

5. Android Casting

You can easily broadcast your phone screen on your TV using Chromecast. You can stream videos or audio and mirror your phone. You can find a ‘cast’ icon in your gallery or on almost all streaming apps. One-click, and you can stream anything.

6. Online Gaming

The rise of various online mobile games has made a considerable contribution to the mobile industry. Android provides a great gaming experience to the players. As android phones are cheaper, long-lasting, have excellent performance and battery, they are great for online mobile gaming. You can also boost the battery life of an android phone.

Playing these games can also enhance your problem-solving skills and help you with decision-making. If you are a crazy fan of mobile betting casinos, you can play the best of them on your android device. Make sure you read the reviews, guides, tricks before you choose from hundreds of online casinos. Reading about them will help you have a secure and fun playing experience.

Android features some of the best games, and developers release the first updates via the Play Store (the android app market).

Android Smartphones are cheap, reliable and they have so much entertainment filled in with them. Once you start exploring Android, there is no end to it. These are the Top 5 Amazing things you could do with your Android Smartphones. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your Android smartphone now. What else would you like to add to the list? Comment below.