July 12, 2024

Whether its self-driven cars or SIRI, the impact of Artificial Intelligence can be felt in every industry! It has actually changed the way different industries are operating. Ai is feared in many ways that it will supersede all emotions from Earth, but still no one can deny the transformation it has bring forth to different industries.

During its journey, AI has transformed many industries staring from education to Gambling. In this article let’s highlight on 5 such industries that has undergone change or may change in near future.

1. Education

AI has brought in different changes in the education sector. Now traditional books and notebooks have been replaced by smart devices. In most educational institutions students do their work online, whether it’s about researching something or submitting assignments.

Students can now learn own their own, thanks to the structured online course and automated grading system. There are different platforms and one of them KNEWTON helps in identifying where student knowledge is lacking. Then it designs a coursework that is customized for that particular student only, so that they can recover their gap!

It’s true that nothing can take place of a human teacher but someone who cannot afford can take the help of technology. Experts from different universities believe that AI has more to explore in education industry and once done it will be beneficial for the development of the students. It is expected that literacy rate will increase in coming future.

2. Healthcare

When it comes to Healthcare industry AI has a lot to do. It has already started giving life changing experience to patients and there is more scope for development. Presently, AI is being mainly used for categorizing patient data that helps in improving the diagnostic outcome.

In America AI has increased the efficiency of healthcare by introducing administrative assistance workflow and virtual nursing. Now, robot assisted surgery have also been started that helps surgeons to be more efficient while doing surgery at a lesser time. IBM Watson, a health application has proved its ability for diagnosing rare diseases faster than Doctors. It is believed by experts that AI can solve the “iron triangle” in healthcare that is made up of affordability, access and effectiveness. Predictions are there that robot assisted surgery will be able to save U.S healthcare of at least $40 million every year.

3. Agriculture

Agriculture industry mainly needs better tools for farming and that’s what AI promises to deliver them. Everyday population is increasing by leaps and bound but natural resources cannot increase in that arte to support the increasing population. Thus, it has become necessary to increase production with the help of limited resources in hand. This is where AI comes in. it has different applications that is improving both the quality and the quantity of the produce.

There are varied applications that are helping farmers to cultivate better crops. There are robots that can control weeds and harvest crops much faster than 30 farmers working together. Different projects are ongoing that will help in predicting the effect on environment on the crops. This way devastation due to sudden climate change can be stopped. There are special drones that are made for monitoring crops and soil health. Future holds many promises from AI to the agriculture industry.

4. Manufacturing

It’s not tough to predict that AI has huge impact on the manufacturing industry. This industry has already witnessed different changes that have been beneficial for varied domain. There are robots which can replace human labor and do work more precisely, then machines that complete tasks much faster and also perform predictive maintenance.

With time it is expected that AI will continue to prove its efficiency in the manufacturing industry by contributing in production of more precise materials at lesser time. Things are expected to be cost and energy efficient at the same time. Big Giants like AtBot and Microsoft are researching constantly so that they can bring up with applications that will make manufacturing industries more efficient.

5. Gambling

When every industry has been impacted by AI hugely gambling industry goes nowhere else! They too have enjoyed different applications that have changed the way people gamble, staring from popularity of online gambling casinos. Experts from Exycasinos helped us to gather info how gambling is going to change in the nearest future.

Smart data analysis is possible with the help of AI in gambling industry where the data collected is analyzed for understanding the behavior of the player. Different aspects of a particular game can be understood with the help of the data collected, like which features makes any particular game more appealing?

Customer service is must when it comes to online gambling and till date people were frustrated with the bots. Now AI have changed and the customer service has become more interactive making players get more precise answers to their questions. AI will also help in analyzing different aspects of game that will help the developers to make it more appealing as well as profitable at the same time.