September 26, 2023

The user Daymeeuhn has uploaded some No Man’s Sky gameplay, who previously have bought it for $1250. The video shows early scenes of the game with some exploration and combat.

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Footage

SPOILER ALERT: Since the game is still far away from release. You may want to avoid it for keeping yourself afresh when the game launches. As we previously covered here how a guy spent $1250 to get an early copy of the game, there is now a proof of his purchase. The user uploaded a video to show fresh gameplay of the No Man’s Sky, just to show the vastness of this space exploration game has to offer.

The user who leaked No Man’s Sky gameplay, named Daymeuuhn  is receiving both love and hate. For the very reason of revealing a look at Hello Games’ space exploration game, is hated for posting spoilers. Though the user only shown the very first 26 minutes of the game, and it has been seen before. In the form of the latest trailers that is.

No Man’s Sky gameplay shows that the game will have quite a lot of grinding. A hefty amount of crafting, survival and exploration is needed in the first hours. Though there are new elements seen in the gameplay that are not there in previously seen content.

Comments from the Reddit User Daymeeuhn

Because of the sudden uproar, the user Daymeeuhn decided to stop the leaks. He said this in this reddit post related to the leak:

“Alright fellow travelers, I’m editing this post up. First, I realize spoilers aren’t for everyone. Originally, I hadn’t even really planned on posting videos. There was a lot of hype for it, I caved, and I posted some. They have, of course, already been taken down, which was expected. And the response from most was positive, but of course there were also many that weren’t exactly pleased. I’ll say this – spoilers will come, one way or another. It may not be from me, but it will be from someone. But I wish no one ill will – I just wanted to share the discovery with you all. That being said, this is quickly becoming an unpleasant experience for me.”  

Additonal Comments

Daymeeuhn believes that his quotes may be taken out of context, and are misinterpreted.

 “People are taking some of the comments I made, especially the long one about my justification for why I bought it in the first place, and quoting it somewhat out of context. I feel like the entire message works as a whole, and not as pieces, and when Polygon posts only a piece of it as “my quote on the subject,” it’s kind of annoying. Friends and family only see that one part and think that’s all there is to it, and there really is more to it. I mean, whatever it’s the press, that’s what they do, but it’s just not something I enjoy seeing.”

Despite this, the user believes No Man’s Sky is much too vast to be spoiled in one session.

“Second, there are more spoilers than you probably realize with this game. I’m only a couple hours in, barely touched a few planets and already I’ve had many FUCK YEAH moments. In the one hand, I’d love to share those with you – but in the other hand, Sean is right… why not just wait and experience them first hand?”

Comments from Sean Murray, boss of the dev team, Hello Games

The developer team , Hello Games’ boss Sean Murray made a statement on the leaks. He is requesting users to not indulge in them and spoil it for themselves.

No Man's Sky gameplay

Moderators in reddit have already started taking action it seems. They have started censoring discussions on the leaked video. They even contacted Sean Murray. Asking him on how he feels about removing the discussions. He replied as such:

No Man's Sky gameplay

Despite being sold for $1250 to one user, the game was at the hands of several gamers. The previous owner before this video uploader only stated a few brief impressions.

Release Date Information

No Man’s Sky is releasing on 9th of August, 2016 on the PS4. The PC version will come a few days later, on 12th of August.

Source: TweakTown