Intel Kaby Lake Processor spotted in the wild : Core i5 7600K pictured

Back in August the Intel Kaby Lake lineup info was leaked by Chinese sources. Now with its launch coming near we spotted one convincing picture of the Core i5 7600K in the Wild courtesy the good ol Chinese forums.

Intel Core i5 7600K picture

While people may doubt the authenticity of the picture. But the Chinese forums has provided authentic info so far.


Core i5-7600K

The Core i5-7600K is a 4 core chip without multi-threading support. This chip has 6MB of L3 cache and 95W TDP. Base clock is 3.8GHz and is capable of boosting to greater than 4GHz.

The Kaby Lake desktop processors will release early 2017 although the corresponding Z270 chipset motherboards might come out before that.

Intel 7th Generation Core Desktop Lineup Information

Intel K Series Kaby Lake CPUs:

These are of unlocked design built for overclocking. The flagship being the Core i7-7700K featuring 4 cores, 8 threads and 91W TDP. This CPU is clocked at 4.2GHz which can boosted to 4.5GHz, features 8MB of L3 cache. Next in line is the Core i5-7600K, which we discussed above

Model NameNumber of CoresTDPClock SpeedL3 Cache
Core i7-7700K4 cores, 8 threads91W4.2 Base Clock

4.4 Boost Clock

Core i5-7600K491W3.8 Base Clock

4.0 Boost Clock



Intel S Series Kaby Lake CPUs:

This series has four standard models. These are the Core i7-7700, Core i5-7600Core i5-7500 and Core i5-7400. The core i7-7700 comes with 4 cores and 8 thread design. This also has 8MB L3 cache and 65W TDP and clocked at  3.6GHz. The remaining Core i5 models are quad core CPUs without multi-threading support. Clock speeds are as follows:

Model NameNumber of CoresTDPClock SpeedL3 Cache
Core i7-77004 (multi-threaded)65W3.6GHz8MB
Core i5-7600465W3.5GHz6MB
Core i5-7500465W3.4GHz6MB
Core i5-7400465W3.0GHz6MB


Intel T Series Kaby Lake CPUs:

There are also some T variants of the chips, which represent low power usage. The TDP is set to 35W for use in low power systems. More information is as follows

Model NameNumber of CoresTDPClock SpeedL3 Cache
Core i7-7700T4 (multi-threaded)35W2.9GHz8MB
Core i5-7600T435W2.8GHz6MB
Core i5-7500T435W2.7GHz6MB
Core i5-7400T435W2.4GHz6MB


We will keep updating this post as we get more information.

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