TechArx Build Guide : ₹ 90,000 Build: AMD Edition

TechArx Build Guide: Second Edition

Looking to build a gaming desktop that won’t kill your wallet? We’re here to help! Out second ₹ 90,000 TechArx build guide is here to help you build your next PC!   We heard a few complaints about our choice of components, and we plan to do good on the variety of hardware available for purchase. Here it is, the second TechArx Build Guide for a ₹ 90,000 Desktop. Motherboard   MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard   The MSI 970 Gaming motherboard features all the requisites that you may need in your continued…

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Review: Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake has been up to quite a bit of late, and one of the latest products from their eSports peripherals has just landed at our labs. Ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages, I would like you to recall a certain “Special” gaming mouse from Thermaltake – the original Level 10 M,that was the brainchild of Thermaltake and BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA – and remember the critical acclaim that it was subjected to. Seems far from surprising that, given how delightful it’s older sibling still is, the recently released Level 10M…

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