April 15, 2024
Zion RAM

Zion RAM announces its advanced 16GB DDR4

Zion Ram Key Features

  • 2x Speed capacity
  • Upto 40% energy-efficient
  • Increase in memory bandwidth by up to 50% to 25.6 GB/s.
  • Clocking speed at 2133 MHZ.
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Priced at Rs. 6580 /-

Overcome one of your greatest server limitations: memory. Enter Zion DDR4 server memory.

Zion RAM, one of the fastest growing & most preferred memory brands in India expands its product portfolio with the launch of its new generation ‘16GB DDR4 -2133 UDIMM’ Memory Module for desktops, laptops and Workstations. Higher speed. Higher bandwidth. Higher efficiency. Next generation Zion DDR4 memory is here.

Process data faster. Enable up to twice the responsiveness, and increase memory bandwidth by up to 50% to 25.6 GB/s. With DDR4 memory, data rates start at 2133 MT/s and get even faster as the technology matures, compared to introductory DDR3 rates. Zion DDR4 memory also delivers faster burst access speeds for improved sequential data throughput by utilizing 4-bank groups that are unique to DDR4 technology.

Maximize system performance by doubling memory capacity. As DDR4 memory technology matures, it will allow you to double your server’s memory capacity and get more out of every module – and your entire network. Built using smaller die that allow more gigabits per DIMM, Zion DDR4 memory is designed to utilize higher density components, allowing us to deliver DDR4 modules that are up to twice as dense.

Overclocking your components can be a fun and rewarding way of pushing your gaming PC to its performance limits. Zion DDR4-2133 can help make this happen with its superfast clocking speed at 2133 MHZ.

The UDIMM DDR4 memory modules have a low operating voltage of 1.200V, reducing the electrical load of the memory bus and consuming up to 20% less power as compared to standard RAM modules. This not only saves power but also benefits your pocket with the prolonged battery usage & also protecting the environment by consuming less energy. Furthermore, the module also generates less heat, wherein the systems can operate with reduced temperatures and increases the overall reliability of the module.

Designed for leading platforms, compatible with most of the systems, its backed by a 3 Year warranty, with national Direct Paperless Warranty, which means if you buy a RAM in Delhi you can get its replacement even in Chennai, without proof of purchase. Zion DDR4 memory pushes the limits on server performance.

The product is already available with Channel partners and leading e-commerce portals.

About Zion RAM:

Headquartered in Mumbai, Zion RAM has become one of the most preferred memory brand in India among the Indian PC Manufacturers which includes HCL, Wipro, Zenith, HP, LG, Sony etc. Having gained, deep understanding of the Memory Technology over the years, the company strives to understand the consumer needs with an eye out for the latest technology and a no-compromise attitude towards the quality and reliability.

Built in with a robust product portfolio of more than 36 distinguished products amalgamated into a range of 6 product categories, the brand has demonstrated quick and strong expansion since its inception. With 16 years of experience and the longest-serving brand in memory modules the brand stands strong in the Industry on the pillars of Quality, Lifetime warranty and Zero failure.

The company has spread its trustworthy tentacles across India through its wide network consisting of 1000+ distributors, 4000+ plus resellers and system integrators through 22 branch offices, which also coexist as the strongest pillars that strengthen Zion RAM ‘s perch as a player.

ZION RAM is the single stop brand for all requirements of memory modules in the market.

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