May 21, 2024


At CES 2018, Tt eSports announced the launch of a new addition to the DRACONEM RGB gaming mouse pad family. Equipped with 16.8 million RGB color illumination, 4 stunning lighting effects, coupled with a completely new left, right, and bottom design construction, gives the mousepad even greater color illumination than ever before. The mouse surface is so designed that it offers balanced gameplay with both speed and control. This efficiency is increased by the introduction of a state of the art biometric FIDO certified Touch ID System. This allows users to easily log into their systems, access favorite web pages and secure files and folders of importance. The lightings on the pad can be customised by users for a greater personal experience.

BIOMETRIC TOUCH ID SYSTEM- It comes with The Fast Identity Online(FIDO) UAF. This ensures that users do not have to create or remember multiple passwords and can have a simple yet strong password less experience. The mouse pad uses Synaptic’s latest “Iron Veil ” technology. The time lag between collecting data from the sensor and matching it is just 0.2s which is lightning fast.

DYNAMIC 16.8 MILLION RGB ILLUMINATION- As mentioned earlier the product comes with 16.8 RGB illuminations with redesigned left right and bottom constructions. There are four amazing visual effects – Static, Pulse, Wave and Spectrum Running and 5 brightness levels.

NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE- Gamers can now stop worrying about accidental slips thanks to the non-slippery rubber case

BALANCED GAMEPLAY- The DRACONEM RGB Touch Edition Gaming Mouse Pad comes with a specially optimized finish that delivers balanced speed/control gameplay for strong accuracy, tracking, and flawless speed.

CONTROL WITH HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE- The Pad allows users to control the RGB illumination by both hardware and software means giving greater flexibility.

Tt eSPORTS DRACONEM RGB Touch Edition Gaming Mouse Pad has a suggested price of USD 49.99.

Overall looks like a worthy successor to the old Draconem that we reviewed back in 2016 along with the features we asked for.