May 21, 2024

Are you sitting for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification, then you at the right place. The exam AZ-104 demands for expertise in the fields linked to implementation, managing, and monitoring an organization’s AZ-303 Exams. Being an Azure administrator, you will be a part of a competent team serving to manage the organization’s cloud infrastructure. Let’s know more about this test and the responsibilities of such specialists.

Responsibilities of an Azure Administrator:

Being a Microsoft certified Azure Administrator, you will be responsible for the organization’s systems to run effectively. In particular, you should be skillful in their implementation, managing, monitoring identity, computing, storage, and governance. Azure Administrators should possess top notch skills to work DEVON V , and be ready to manage the performance of Azure apps and services, provide audits. Moreover, such specialists should possess superb communication skills as they bridge Azure users and the technical team. Taking into consideration the duties and tasks such professionals have to perform, their average annual salary is 107, 683 per year, according to ZipRecruiters website.

What are the eligibility criteria for the AZ-104?

Aiming for appearing in AZ-104 is not the only requirement; instead, an eligible candidate should have hand-on six months of experience at minimal in an area of Azure administration. One should have the expertise or a strong sense of knowledge in core Azure services, security, governance, and workloads. EMIL T , this exam requires an expert level experience in working with PowerShell, Command-Line Interface (CLI), Azure Portal, and ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates. All the eligibility is marked strictly, and nothing could be compromised.

All about AZ-104 exam

To obtain the so demanded Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge you need to pass one exam only –FRAZER G . The main assessment contains 40-60 questions of various types that you have to complete within 180 minutes. The exam is scheduled with Pearson VUE test center and will cost you $165.

Coming towards the course outline, here are the skills you need to develop before taking the main exam. They are as follows:

  • Dealing with Azure Identities and Governance. It means that you should be able to manage Azure AD objects, device settings, user and group properties, have skills to work with RBAC (Role-based Access Control), set up Azure policies, Cost Management, operate subscriptions.
  •  Using and operating Storage. This domain that revolves around configuring network access to storage accounts, utilizing Azure storage replication, setting up Azure AD Authentication for storage accounts, working with data in Azure Storage and Azure files.
  •  Operating Azure compute resources. This includes setting up VMs for high availability, VHD template, GUY B and managing them, creating App Services and configuring them.
  • Configure and Manage Virtual Networking. To prove your skills in this domain, you need to answer the questions about operating virtual networking, configuring custom DNS settings, securing access to virtual networks, setting up load balancing, troubleshooting virtual networking.
  • Backing up Azure resources. One should be prepared for configuring and interpreting metrics, using a Log Analytics workspace, creating queries and action groups, carrying out backup and restore operations through using Azure Backup Service, and set up back up policy.


By appearing in the AZ-104 exam you obtain the ISSAC Y: Azure Administrator Associate badge. It opens your doors to become qualified and highly valued professional in the chosen domain. Boost your career and get a pay hike and enjoy the benefits the professional life brings you. But before, develop the skills covered in this article. Wish you success!