May 20, 2024
Press Release

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is ecstatic to announce new custom cooling products, including a new water block, coolant, and cooling kits. Thermaltake endeavors to provide a superlative cooling experience to all PC enthusiasts by offering more advanced cooling periphery. During the 2021 Thermaltake Expo June Virtual Exhibition, the latest concept liquid cooling products, Pacific MX2 Ultra CPU Water Block, P1000 Ultimate Grey coolant, Pacific Tough C240/360 LCS Kit, and Pacific CLM360 Ultra LCS Kits, were presented.

Pacific MX2 Ultra

Pacific MX2 Ultra is a high-quality CPU liquid cooler with a copper-based anti-corrosive nickel plating and a built-in temperature sensor. Following a similar design concept as the MX1 Plus, the MX2 Ultra aims to deliver a better user experience with highly customizable functions through its LCD monitor, which not only displays real-time CPU performance such as temperature, frequency, and power consumption like the other Ultra series products but exhibits GIF files at 480*480 px.

Pacific CLM360 Ultra

Pacific CLM360 Ultra is a high-level liquid cooling kit that is designed for advanced RGB lovers. The liquid cooling kit contains the following items, a Pacific MX2 Ultra CPU water block, a Pacific PR32-D5 Plus pump and reservoir combo, a copper radiator, a package of three Riing Duo 12 fans, eight 16mm OD PETG Tubes, a bottle of T1000 clear coolant, and some accessories. The MX2 Ultra has an LCD monitor which displays real-time CPU performance such as temperature, frequency, and power consumption. The Pacific PR32-D5 Plus holds a unique rotary upper cap design with 12 high lumen addressable LEDs that allow users to enjoy all kinds of lighting effects. Attach the 1500 RPM, 18 addressable LEDs Riing Duo fans to the copper radiator guarantees the users splendid cooling performance. Users can also use the four PETG tubes and get creative by utilizing the fittings to arrange their liquid cooling system.

TOUGH C240/360 DDC Hard Tube Liquid Cooling Kits

Pacific TOUGH C240 and C360 DDC Hard Tube Liquid Cooling Kits are two mainstream level liquid cooling kits designed for users who want a non-RGBliquid-cooled system with high cooling performance. Both packages include a non-RGB W7 Plus water block, a Pacific PR22-DDC Pump and Reservoir Combo, Thermaltake T1000 Pure Clear Coolant, eight 16mm PETG tubes, and some accessories. The only difference lies in the copper radiator and the number of fans in the package; the Pacific TOUGH C240 package contains a Pacific C240 copper radiator with two TOUGHFAN 12 fans, and the Pacific TOUGH C360 package has a Pacific C360 copper radiator with three TOUGHFAN 12 fans. Users can enjoy the best cooling performance with our TOUGHFAN series fans in our new liquid cooling bundles with the latest Pacific TOUGH C240/360 DDC Hard Tube Liquid Cooling Kits.

P1000 Ultimate Grey

Thermaltake added a new coolant color to the P1000 family, the P1000 Ultimate Grey. Specially toned to fit the TOUGHFAN series products, the P1000 ultimate grey was formulated with an anti-corrosive solution that can protect components of different materials such as copper, brass, nickel, and aluminum. It also runs effectively under different climates, even under extreme weather. By adding the liquid surface tension optimizer, not only does it help minimize the risk of an airlock, but you only need to wait for 5 to 10 seconds for the P1000 before you start the system after filling the loop for the first time. P1000 goes well with Thermaltake’s latest Pacific TOUGH C240/360 DDC Hard Tube Liquid Cooling Kits; if users are interested in matching TOUGHFAN 12 fans with their liquid cooling system, don’t miss out on the P1000 Ultimate Grey as well.

Products may go through design change, items and products in cooling kits may vary. For more details about our cooling products, please visit the Thermaltake official site.