July 13, 2024

The lure of the pirate life persists in gaming, beckoning players with visions of plundered treasures, daring escapades, and thrilling naval clashes. Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones sets sail as the newest entrant in this enduring genre, inviting players to chart their course through uncharted waters. With expectations riding high due to its lineage – the acclaimed naval combat of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – questions abound: Does Skull and Bones capture the essence of swashbuckling adventure, or does it drift towards the uninspired depths?


The game throws you into the heart of the 17th-century Indian Ocean, a setting rife with political intrigue and ruthless competition. You arrive shipwrecked in Sainte-Anne, where the charismatic pirate kingpin John Scurlock offers you a tempting proposition: ascend the ranks and forge your own empire amidst the chaos. This sets the stage for a story driven by ambition, power struggles, and the allure of buried treasure.

Prepare to navigate a complex web of relationships and shifting alliances. Rival factions like the Royal Navy and East India Company vie for control, forcing you to make calculated choices. Each faction embodies distinct agendas and ideologies, adding layers of moral ambiguity to your decisions. Will you seek stability by aligning with established powers, or embrace the freedom and ruthlessness of independent piracy? Each path presents unique challenges and consequences, ensuring your journey feels impactful and personal.

John Scurlock acts as your mentor, offering cryptic guidance and pushing you towards your potential. However, his true motives remain shrouded in mystery, fueling the ever-present question of trust. Other compelling figures emerge, each with their own hidden agendas and desires – from cunning merchants to hardened pirates, each interaction feels significant and hints at deeper narratives woven into the world.

As you rise through the ranks, commanding increasingly impressive vessels and wielding growing infamy, the narrative throws in ethical dilemmas and moments of betrayal. Witnessing the corrupting influence of power on your peers and grappling with the harsh realities of pirate life adds depth and nuance to your climb. Can you hold onto your ideals while carving your path to glory?

While the premise and setting hold immense potential, the narrative occasionally falls into clichés and predictable plotlines. Certain character motivations could have been fleshed out further, and the ending might leave some players wanting more closure.

Despite these shortcomings, Skull and Bones offers a compelling narrative tapestry. It throws you headfirst into a world of ambition, betrayal, and high-seas adventure, challenging you to navigate both morally murky waters and thrilling naval battles. While the story itself might not be a revolutionary masterpiece, it provides a solid foundation for the engaging gameplay and immersive world-building that lies at the heart of the experience.


Skull and Bones shines its brightest when allowing players to mold their nautical destiny through deep ship customization. A diverse fleet awaits, each vessel boasting unique strengths, and weaknesses, and a canvas for personal flourishes. Whether you crave the thunderous broadsides of a galleon or the nimble agility of a sloop, tailoring your ship to your playstyle becomes a deeply rewarding pursuit, fueling your ascent through the ranks.

Visually, the open world unfolds as a stunning tableau. Dynamic weather paints the sky with fiery sunsets and tempestuous storms, immersing you in the heart of your maritime odyssey. Each island beckons with the promise of hidden coves, buried treasures, and perilous encounters, creating a visually striking yet ultimately one-dimensional landscape. While the vast ocean offers breathtaking vistas, some may find the landmasses lacking the depth and detail found in other open-world titles, with bustling settlements and captivating side quests glaringly absent.

The true test of your mettle lies in ship-to-ship battles. These encounters demand cunning tactics and adept use of cannons, mortars, and grappling hooks, delivering adrenaline-pumping moments of maritime warfare. However, the thrill can wane as patterns emerge, there’s a lack of the tactical depth and variety that was present in Black Flag. Furthermore, the absence of boarding actions, a beloved feature from previous titles, represents a missed opportunity for deeper engagement and the visceral thrill of hand-to-hand combat.

Beyond the clash of steel, Skull and Bones offers activities like plundering enemy ships, exploring hidden coves, and uncovering secrets in abandoned settlements. Each island whispers tales of buried treasures and hidden dangers, beckoning adventurous spirits. However, compared to the vibrant world of Black Flag brimming with dynamic settlements and captivating side quests, Skull and Bones may feel less immersive and engaging on land. It’s an ocean teeming with potential, but the surrounding islands feel sparsely populated and underutilized.

The promise of boisterous online battles in multiplayer fades upon closer inspection. While offering the opportunity to test your mettle against other buccaneers in various game modes, it suffers from a lack of meaningful progression and a disconnect from the campaign’s narrative and world. This left me yearning for a more integrated and rewarding online experience, one that seamlessly weaves into the larger pirate tapestry.

Skull and Bones sails confidently with a captivating core loop, offering engaging ship customization and exhilarating naval combat. However, repetitive combat, a lackluster multiplayer experience, and limited land-based activities prevent it from reaching the pinnacle of the pirate adventure genre. While it provides a satisfying experience for those seeking thrilling high-seas battles and deep ship customization, those yearning for diverse activities and a fully fleshed-out pirate world may find themselves wanting more. Ultimately, whether Skull and Bones captures your imagination depends on your specific desires and expectations for a pirate adventure.

Visuals and Audio

Ubisoft continues to showcase its technical prowess with Skull and Bones. Imagine sun-drenched islands bathed in vibrant hues, contrasting with the tempestuous fury of storm-tossed waves. Every inch of the Indian Ocean teems with life, rendered with meticulous detail and a realism that transports you straight into the heart of the pirate world. The lush environments captivate your attention, showcasing every ripple and wave with stunning texture and depth.

This level of detail continues beyond the natural world, meticulously brought to life with historical accuracy. Every ship gleams with intricate rigging and weathered hulls, each vessel a masterpiece of design that feels authentic and tangible. Whether you’re admiring the grand galleons or the nimble sloops, you’re fully immersed in the era and setting.

Complementing the visual feast is a soundscape that equally impresses. Imagine a stirring orchestral score that evokes the very essence of high-seas adventure. Soaring melodies intertwine with haunting sea shanties, perfectly setting the tone for your swashbuckling exploits. Every dramatic moment is heightened by the music, weaving an emotional tapestry into your journey.

But the experience goes beyond music. The thunderous roar of cannons, the creaking of timber under heavy seas – these sound effects bring weight and impact to every naval encounter. The lively chatter of your crew mingles with the crash of waves, creating a truly immersive and dynamic soundscape that surrounds you.

Final Thoughts

8 / 10


Skull and Bones delivers thrilling naval battles and immersive ship customization amidst stunning visuals and dynamic audio. However, its narrative occasionally falls into cliches and lacks depth, while the absence of boarding actions and limited land-based activities detracts from its overall immersion. Despite these shortcomings, the game captures the essence of swashbuckling adventure, offering moments of excitement and challenge for players seeking high-seas exploits.