May 20, 2024

Thanks to some sleuthing from various readers, AMD has unintentionally spilled the beans with respect to the official Ryzen release date. While they haven’t particularly given a correct date, the discussion to be given by AMD at the yearly Game Developer Conference (GDC) says the following:

Join AMD Game Engineering team members for an introduction to the recently-launched AMD Ryzen CPU followed by advanced optimization topics.


The GDC occasion keeps running from February 27th to March third, and at present the AMD talk is not on the correct calendar yet, so it could seem any day amid the occasion (so be vigilant on the off chance that anybody says Feb 27th). As of now AMD has not unveiled a exact date either, but it would be an intriguing time to release the new arrangement of Ryzen CPUs  amidst both GDC and Mobile World Congress which also during that week. It would imply that Ryzen news may wind up being covered under other GDC and cell phone declarations.


Then again, the launch could easily be anytime during February – this March 3rd date only really puts an end-point on the potential range. AMD has stated many times, as far back as August, that Q1 is the intended date for launch to consumers in volume. When Anandtech spoke to AMD at CES, nothing was set in stone so to speak, especially clock speeds and pricing, but they are expecting a full launch, not just something official on paper. Stay tuned for more Ryzen news!

Source: Anandtech