April 15, 2024

A leaked benchmark of 3D Mark Fire Strike which has just emerged shows that AMD Radeon RX 480, to be priced at 199$, preparing to be launched on June 29, beats a mighty GTX 980!

We all saw how the two RX 480s faired against the GTX 1080 in Ashes of Singularity in Computex this year, but how does it fare in other areas? Well, ladies and gentlemen, have a look!


The RX 480 stands at 3194, beating the GTX 980 with its 3084 score. The difference might not be much, but considering the differences in their pricing, the RX 480 beating the GTX 980 seems really interesting. Another thing to note is that both of the cards mentioned are 4GB variants.

We are all eyes for the upcoming days, as more and more leaks emerge before the upcoming launch.



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