March 1, 2024

Its third week of March and new games are here to entertain and keep us engage.Here is the list of the games which are hitting the shelves this week.Take your pick and indulge yourself in the immersive world of gaming.

Battlefield Hardline:-


EA’s next big release of the Battlefield franchisee and probably this month’s biggest release.Dead Space devs Visceral games jumps into the Battlefield bandwagon this time along with DICE.Hardline is not the typical military based shooter for which Battlefield is widely known for,instead its cops vs thieves this time with more engaged single player storyline in a crime thriller tv series format.Battlefield Hardline is releasing on 17th november in North America and 20th Novemeber in UK on PS4,Xbox one,Ps3,Xbox 360 and PC.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 4:-


Campcom’s episodic thriller Resident evil revelations 2 finally comes to an end with the release of Episode 4.Set in the time span between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 Revelations 2 reflects the story of Claire Redfield and Barry Burton’s daughter Moira.There is a co-op gameplay ability but its restricted to consoles only.Resident evil Revelations 2 Episode 4 releases on March 18.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Hd:-


Square Enix first released the game on PSP back in 2011,now they decided to give it a retouch.The remastered edition of the game named as Final Fantasy Type-0 Hd is set to release on PS4 and xbox one.The remastered edition comes with graphical enhancements along with some cool new features.The biggest of them all is the game will give you access to the much awaited Final Fantasy XV demo.Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is releasing on ps4 and xbox one on 17th in North America and 20th in UK.

So these are the biggest release of this week.Take your pick and and also don’t forget to share with us that which one among them excites you more and your top pick.Keep your eyes on our site because we got some exciting announcements as we gear up for the next big Playstation 4 exclusive release Bloodborne later this month.