April 13, 2024

Reports are emerging that Nvidia is planning to reveal its own GeForce GTX 980 Ti at the very same Computex event in Taipei that AMD is scheduled to launch its Radeon R9 300 family of graphics cards.


The GTX 980 TI , will use a cut down version of the GM200 GPU found inside the GTX Titan X. The GM200-310 GPU has two SMMs ( Streaming Multi Processors) disabled . The card will also be limited to 6GB of memory . The new card is also set to debut with both reference and non-reference AIB specific custom cooling solutions that range from air, water and hybrid cooling solutions.




As you can see above the GTX 980 Ti is  keeping up with the GTX Titan X, despite having 256 CUDA cores less. This is probably thanks to a more aggressive GPU boost clock speed.

Since the GTX 980 Ti uses a cut down version of the GM200 GPU this will very likely mean that the card will have a two segment memory system like the GTX 970. We don’t know the exact proportions of the memory segments, but it should be something like 5.5GB + 0.5GB is likely. Thankfully, since the 980 Ti has 6 GB of vram to use, this should not be an issue, as even 5.5GB is plenty of memory .

Pricing is anybody’s guess , but it should be between the $550 for the GTX 980 and $1000 for the GTX Titan X.


The first pictures of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card have been outed by Videocardz .






A comparison between the current 9xx lineup by NVIDIA : the Titan X , 980 ti , 980 , 970 and 960 .