New Video About The Sony IMX789 Sensor Used In The OnePlus 9 Shows The Unique Dual Camera System

The debut video for the Sony IMX789 is out now. OnePlus 9 series phones with their Hasselblad cameras will be using this sensor.

The sensor is capable of dual native ISO, full-pixel Omni-directional autofocus, it can record 4K video at 120 fps and supports real-time HDR video processing as well. The sensor will also feature Sony’s Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR). Unlike staggered HDR, DOL is able to capture several exposures simultaneously, which helps remove ghosting caused by moving objects.

The IMX789 has a freeform lens for the ultra-wide-angle camera, it uses two cameras placed lengthwise along with the phone with two prisms redirecting light 90°. The images are then is stitched in real-time to create a 140° wide FOV ultrawide shot. The photos also suffer much less distortion – 1% vs. 10-20% for a typical aspheric lens.

140° wide FOV ultrawide shots

The IMX789 will have a 16:11 aspect ratio, making it equally adept at shooting 4:3 photos and 16:9 video. The camera will also support Focus Peeking for great focus adjustment.

The IMX789 features 12 bits Color depth RAW format photos, capturing up to 68.7 billion colors, which is 64 times the common 10-bit color depth, which brings a huge post-processing space. The photos look more delicate and smooth and Hasselblad will be helping with image processing as well.

On the selfie side, the camera autofocus response speed can be shortened to 1 millisecond, which is 5-10 times faster than traditional cameras. The shortest focusing distance is shortened to 15 cm, and it can focus at close range quickly even when shaking. And it can effectively reduce the internal space occupancy and reduce the opening of the front camera. Thanks to this technology, the front camera will be able to capture portraits and backgrounds separately at almost the same time. The camera maintains focus during movements and stabilizes shaky shots for much clear image output.