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GIGABYTE revamps the Maxwell lineup.

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GigaByte launched the Xtreme series a while back with the release of GTX 950 from Nvidia. Since the card was pretty successful in capturing markets gigabyte decided to revamp the whole maxwell lineup(barring the GTX 960) with Xtreme Makeover which includes features like closed loop AIO, RGB Fan, better Mofsets and durable back plates among other things.


Both the TITAN X and the GTX 980 Ti XTREME GAMING WINDFORCE edition gets an alternate spinning fan design where the middle fan spins in alternate direction. This design according to gigabyte enhances the thermal efficiency along with cooling capabilities upto 700W. The 980TI extreme gaming also gets a LN2 BIOS and an extra 6-pin PCI-E power connector for the overclockers out there.

980TiThe GTX 980TI also has a Waterforce edition who likes to get things liquid cooled and silent.


Rounding up the lineup we have the old GTX 980 and GTX 970 getting the Xtreme makeover too with all the bells whistles.


All in all the whole lineup looks very promising on paper;how it will perform against its competitor is some thing we can tell only after testing it.. so we will have to wait.

For now we leave you with a complete spec sheet to droop upon.

Full Report Model purchase neurontin online GV-N970XTREME-4GD GV-N980XTREME-4GD GV-N98TXTREME -6GD GV-N98TXTREME W-6GD NTITANXXTREME-12GD-B
Core Clock 1190MHz 1241MHz 1216MHz 1216MHz 1165MHz
Boost Clock 1342Mhz 1342MHz 1317MHz 1317MHz 1266MHz
Memory Clock 7.1Gbps 7.1Gbps 7.2Gbps 7.2Gbps 7Gbps
Memory Size 4GB 4GB 6GB 6GB 12GB
Power Phase 10+2 10+2 12+2 12+2 8+2
LED Illumination Yes; RGB Yes; RGB Yes; RGB Yes; RGB Yes
LN2 BIOS with Extra 6-pin Power Connector N/A N/A Yes Yes N/A
Protective PCB Coating Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Metal Back Plate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smooth PCB Surface Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A